LA Approaches Murder Milestone, DEA Cracks Down on Crime, and More

Shantay Lockwood October 22, 2020

Police Chief Michel Moore of Los Angeles made a grim announcement this week. The city will almost certainly cross a terrible milestone this year. They are on track to have more than 300 homicides in 2020. Assuming that the city does hit that mark, it will be the first time …

Halloween Crime: Is October 31st Really More Dangerous?

Shantay Lockwood October 21, 2020

Does crime spike on Halloween, or is it just another urban legend? Crime rate does rise on Halloween for a number of reasons. In some cases, criminals take advantage of masks and costumes to hide their identities. Burglaries are more common as well, since many people go out on Halloween …

Las Vegas Police Grapple with Crime Wave, Blame Hotel Prices

Shantay Lockwood October 15, 2020

Although crime is down nationally, Las Vegas is seeing a spike in shootings, robberies, and assault. Compared to last year, violent crime is up 4% on the strip. That might not seem like a major increase, but considering that crime has been trending down during the pandemic, it’s surprising. Las …

Texas Mom-to-Be Murdered, Baby Stolen

Shantay Lockwood October 14, 2020

Reagan Hancock was found dead in New Boston, Texas, on October 9th. But that’s not the worst part of the story. The 21-year-old was almost eight months pregnant at the time of her murder–and her killer stole the baby. ‘Satan in the Flesh’ Reagan, already mom to a 3-year-old daughter, …

5 Indications that a Person is Experiencing Domestic Abuse

Dan Perez October 8, 2020

Approximately 24% of women and 14% of men in the U.S. that are over 18 have been the victim of domestic abuse by a spouse or partner. Below are 5 signs that someone is the victim of domestic abuse. Be on the lookout for the following indications of violence. A …

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Is Crime Falling or Rising? Depends on Who You Ask
Shantay Lockwood September 30, 2020

Is Crime Falling or Rising? Depends on Who You Ask

In order to bring you the most up-to-date news stories from around the country, we pay close attention to the headlines. Which is why we were scratching our heads today at the Crime Pulse chatroom. One major news outlet is saying that violent crime has surged. Another says that it’s …

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How Realistic Is Your Favorite Crime Show?
Shantay Lockwood September 24, 2020

How Realistic Is Your Favorite Crime Show?

Who doesn’t love a procedural drama? Whether you’re hooked on Law & Order: SVU or prefer Criminal Minds, these TV shows present a deeply satisfying narrative. There’s the sensationalism of the crime, the hard work and camaraderie of the crime-fighting team, and then the satisfaction of seeing the criminal brought …
After a Break-In, Do This First
Shantay Lockwood September 23, 2020

After a Break-In, Do This First

Coming home to find that your home has been robbed is a terrible experience. You may become overwhelmed with intense feelings of violation, fear, or anger. Those emotions can make it hard to think about the practical steps that need to be taken next. That’s why we’ve put together this …
Should Gender-Reveal Parties Be Illegal?
Shantay Lockwood September 16, 2020

Should Gender-Reveal Parties Be Illegal?

It happened again. A gender-reveal party went wrong, sparking a massive wildfire. It’s the latest in a string of disasters linked to these popular parties–some of them fatal. Is it time to make them illegal? Wildfires Sparked by Explosive Devices The most recent fire–The El Dorado Fire in San Bernardino …