Joleen Cumming’s Disappearance Leads to Bizarre Criminal Case

Dan Perez February 25, 2021

One of the strangest unsolved mysteries in recent years involves the disappearance of Joleen Cummings. Cummings, 34, a native of Yulee, Florida, went missing on May 13, 2018. She was a mother of three children, last seen leaving her shift at Tangles Hair Salon. She was intended to meet her …

Arkansas Police Find Body of 25-Year-Old Jogger Missing Since August

Dan Perez February 18, 2021

Authorities have found the remains of 25-year-old Arkansas resident Sydney Sutherland after she went missing in August of 2020. Sutherland was reported missing by her boyfriend when she failed to return from a jog near their home. Her remains were found buried in a rice field near her home. A …

Emma Fillipoff Disappearance Continues to Baffle Authorities

Dan Perez February 11, 2021

On November 28, 2012, a young woman in British Columbia disappeared as if into thin air. Emma Fillipoff, 26, disappeared under peculiar circumstances and is captured in bizarre footage by security cameras the night of her disappearance. So, what actually happened to Emma Fillipoff? Background Emma was a trained chef …

Police Officer Charged with Murder in Andre Hill Case

Dan Perez February 5, 2021

Former Columbus Police Officer Adam Coy will face charges of murder following the shooting of Andre Hill in December. On Wednesday, a Grand Jury indicted Coy on several charges, including murder, in the December 22 shooting of unarmed Hill. Hill was in a parking garage at the time of the …

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What Actually Happened to Kayelyn Louder?
Dan Perez January 14, 2021

What Actually Happened to Kayelyn Louder?

Kayelyn Louder was 30 years old when she vanished from her apartment complex in Murray, Utah in 2014. Her body was discovered two months after her disappearance on the banks of the Jordan River, miles from the creek that ran behind her apartment complex. Police have ruled her death accidental, …

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Police Were Warned About Nashville Bomber in 2019: Police Report
Dan Perez December 31, 2020

Police Were Warned About Nashville Bomber in 2019: Police Report

A recently uncovered police report from 2019 shows that Nashville police already had a warning about Anthony Warner, the bomber who set the blast in downtown Nashville. On Christmas Day, 2020, Warner drove an RV full of explosive fertilizer into the crowded downtown region of Nashville, Tennessee. Then, using a …
The Legendary Antwerp Diamond Heist
Dan Perez December 23, 2020

The Legendary Antwerp Diamond Heist

The most storied jewel heist in modern history took place in 2003, when Leonardo Notarbartolo led a team of five thieves to stealing an alleged $100 million worth of diamonds, gold and currency from a vault in Belgium’s Antwerp Diamond Center. So, how did five people manage to make off …