Super Simple Home Crime Prevention

The fact is, there are millions of crimes every year that could have been prevented. There are a lot of super easy ways that require little to no money. Let’s start with the first one – lock your doors. Over 30% of home burglars gain access to a house through a house from an unlocked door or window.

Crime Prevention 101

A lot of people make sure their doors or bottom floor windows are locked, but don’t think about leaving ways for burglars to gain access to higher windows. I see this all the time when driving around – a ladder mounted on the side of the house or a vehicle parked where it could easily be climbed on top of to get to a low roof. Be aware of the items you leave outside your home and if they could be used to reach higher levels.

Did you know that most burglars go to the master bedroom first? Cash, jewelry and weapons are easy picks for a burglar – especially one that has parked out of site or is on foot. Almost all home burglaries are also completed in 10 minutes or under. Installing a lock on your master bedroom will make it much more difficult to get in and out quickly.

Don’t open the door to strangers. Period. Anyone can walk around with a clip board or a bottle of cleaning supplies pretending to be there for a purpose. There is no reason to open the door. I use an alternative method which has worked well for years. Instead of opening the door I crack a window close to the door and ask the visitor what they need. This lets them know that someone is home and I can send them on their way without giving them immediate access to my home.

These are just a few of the very simple ways you can prevent crime against your property. Always be alert to keep criminals at bay.

Security Survey

Did you know that many police departments will come out and complete a security survey for you – absolutely free? Call your local police department and see if they offer this service. If they don’t – complete your own by trying to break into your own home. You’ll be surprised at the simple things you find insecure by just taking a survey of your own home.