What to do During a Mugging: Keep Your Cool

No one wants to be face to face with a criminal demanding their belongings in the middle of the night. However, if it happens, you’ll to know what to do in order to keep your cool, and possibly your life.

While you should do your best to avoid these situations in the first place, here are some tips for ways you can keep control of your emotions and stay cool during a mugging.

What to do During a Mugging


For Starters

To begin with, you should try to avoid situations that could result in being mugged in the first place. Try to stick to well-lit, crowded areas that you know well. If you must travel in dark, poorly-trafficked areas, then consider keeping your phone in your hand. You could even consider calling someone on the phone to hopefully make would-be muggers reconsider coming after you.

If you can, try to travel with friends. Muggers tend to avoid groups of people, as it increases the risk that something bad could happen to them.

What to do

In the event that you find yourself being mugged, however – take the threat seriously. Someone brandishing a weapon and demanding your things isn’t to be taken lightly. Don’t try to antagonize them or challenge them to a fight. Such grandstanding could result in you getting seriously hurt or even killed. Instead, comply with their demands. Give them your wallet and any cash you have on hand. If they demand your cellphone or watch, bite the bullet and hand them over.

It’s going to feel invasive and icky. You’re going to be mad, fired up, anxious and more. However, try to remain calm. Make sure you take mental notes of the person’s appearance, clothing, and any identifying marks like tattoos or scars.

After the Event

After you’ve been mugged, contact the police as soon as you can. Get somewhere safe and give them a thorough description of what happened, where, and what the person who mugged you looks like. This will give police a good chance of finding the culprit and getting your belongings back.

Consider speaking to a counselor if you’re finding it difficult to cope with feelings of anxiety or stress following the attack. Muggings can feel very invasive in ways beyond simply losing your belongings. If you’re having trouble, speak to a professional counselor or therapist.