14-Year-Old and Mother Killed, Suspect Jumps in Front of Train

Sunday evening, police in New York City found 14-year-old Alanche Del Orbe and his mother, Marisol Ortiz, dead in Ortiz’s apartment in the Bronx. The suspect in their killing is Hector Cruz, a 51-year-old who threw himself in front of a train and died Sunday morning.

Suspect Jumps in Front of Train in Bronx Killing

The Killings

Police stated that Alanche Del Orbe was strangled to death in his Mother’s apartment. Marisol Ortiz was bludgeoned with a gym weight before being stabbed in the head. Their grisly murders were discovered by NYPD after a tip that Marisol didn’t open her store Sunday morning. This was unusual for her, so the police went to investigate her apartment.

The Suspect

Police currently believe that Hector Cruz is the main suspect in the murders. Cruz was discovered Sunday morning, having thrown himself in front of a moving train. The train was a Metro-North in Westchester, New York. At the time of this writing, the motive for the violence is unknown. However, it is known that the murders occurred in the pre-dawn hours Sunday morning.

The Victims

Neighbors have stated that Del Orbe was an avid fan of the New York Yankees and loved baseball. They have stated that his dream was to one day play for the Yankees. He was stated to have been a very sweet boy, one who respected his elders and had a friendly disposition. Del Orbe was going to be turning 15 on Monday, the 18th.

Ortiz owned a store in the Bronx and had customers who were regular enough to notice her absence and report it to police. As of the time of writing, it is unclear what will become of her shop. Police are still investigating the crime to hopefully unravel what could have led to this violent outburst.