Atlantic City Assaults: Two Teens Injured

News from Atlantic City Tuesday: police are investigating a pair of assaults that injured two teens Tuesday morning. The two were injured early Tuesday morning.

Both injured teens are 18, meaning that both are legally adults. The investigation is ongoing.

Atlantic City Assaults

The Assaults

Around 1:30 Tuesday morning, police responded to gunshot detection equipment that detected a firearm going off. The presence of this detection technology led the police to an area near Ventnor and Windsor avenues, where the police made a startling discovery.

They found two assault victims, one from Atlantic City and another from Ventnor. They have been attacked by unknown assailants, and one of them had been shot in the leg. The teen who had been shot in the leg, police reported, is the Atlantic City native. The other victim, from Ventnor, lives on Clayhagy Avenue, according to police.

At the time of writing, neither teen has been identified. It’s also unclear why they were assaulted, how many people assaulted them, and what their relationship is. At the moment, it’s unclear if the victims are under investigation for any crimes or if they’re strictly being treated as assault victims.

The Victims

The two victims have been taken to AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center, according to police. They are currently at the City Campus and are being treated for their wounds. It appears that neither is under police custody at the moment, as there would appear to be no evidence of wrongdoing on the teens’ part.

At the moment, the violent crimes unit of Atlantic City is investigating the case. Atlantic City isn’t known to be a particularly violent or dangerous town, especially given its status as a resort town. Typically the area is rather calm, especially during the off-season in the Winter time. The city regularly sees thousands of visitors throughout the busy summer season.