Kelsey Berreth, Colorado Mom, Beaten to Death by Fiancé

A grisly tale from Colorado holds that Patrick Frazee, 32-year-old fiancé of Kelsey Berreth, 29, beat his fiancée to death with a baseball bat. Investigators believe Frazee convinced Berreth to put a sweater over her head before enacting the gruesome beating.

Kelsey Berreth Beating to Death by Fiancé Patrick Frazee

The Killing

Investigators believe that Frazee convinced Berreth to blindfold herself by putting a sweater over her face. The reason Frazee gave Berreth to cover her eyes was so that she could guess the scents of various candles. Once she was blinded, Frazee proceeded to beat her to death with a baseball bat.

Following this killing, investigators believe that Frazee was helped in cleaning the crime scene by the woman with whom he was having an affair. Then, Frazee hid Berreth’s remains on a nearby ranch for two days while he considered what to do with the body.

Destroying Evidence

After storing Berreth’s remains on the ranch for two days, Frazee recovered the body and burned it in a water trough. This information was all brought to prosecutors by the woman with whom Frazee was having an affair. The woman, Krystal Jean Lee Kenney, is a nurse, and states that she helped dispose of Berreth’s cell phone.

Kenney’s information came as part of a plea deal, and she will testify during Frazee’s trial. She will not stand trial until after Frazee’s sentencing.

Kenney’s Role

According to prosecutors, Frazee had urged Kenney herself to carry out the murder no less than three times. Each time Kenney refused to kill Berreth, Frazee became incredibly angry with her. Following the killing, Frazee demanded that Kinney drive to Colorado as she “ha[d] a mess to clean up.”

Kenney took two days to arrive at Berreth’s Colorado residence. When she arrived, she found a “horrific” crime scene, with blood splattered over the walls and floors. She cleaned the crime scene diligently, scrubbing the walls and floors, before taking Berreth’s phone and using it to briefly pose as her.

Kenney then is said to have burned the phone, as some point after Frazee recovered Berreth’s body and burned it. Frazee is stated to have also burned the bat he used to kill Berreth. It’s currently unclear what Frazee’s motive in the killing was, though prosecutors think it may have been to get custody of the couple’s 1-year-old daughter.