Man Returns Home to Find a Stranger Living There

Man Returns Home to Find a Stranger Living There

Kent Foster, who lives in Union, South Carolina, returned home to find a stranger living there. The unusual case occurred last week, and it’s currently unclear how long Foster was away from his home.

However, the woman living in his home had brought along her children and dog, and seemed to be rather comfortable living there.

Man Returns Home to Find a Stranger Living There


Last week, Foster returned home after an indeterminate amount of time to find an unfamiliar dog in his yard. This, coupled with the car seat blocking the door, caused him to be immediately alarmed. He attempted to enter his home, only to be confronted with a young woman he had never met before.

Foster heard a baby crying, and the woman asked what he was doing at her house. Foster, bewildered, told her that she was in his house, and began dialing the police right away. When the police arrived, the stranger seemed indignant, asking “can I help you?” of the officers.

Kicked Out

The woman, who has been identified as Savannah Rhinehart, 25, was removed from Foster’s home. To Foster’s surprise and disgust, his home had been trashed. Rhinehart’s dog had urinated in several places inside his home, and he found his wife’s clothes had been worn by Rhinehart. Rhinehart’s two children were also wearing Foster’s children’s clothes.

Foster found that Rhinehart had made herself and her family quite comfortable in his home. They had eaten the food from his kitchen, slept in his beds and made the place their own. Rhinehart was taken in for psychiatric evaluation and then arrested for burglary, petty larceny, and neglect of a child.


Rhinehart’s two children have been taken into protective custody. Authorities stated that their investigation turned up that Rhinehart was convinced that the home she was living in was her own. At the time of writing, Rhinehart has not yet entered a plea. It’s unclear if she has a lawyer representing her yet.