Mother and Daughter Arrested, Suspected of Killing Five Family Members

Shana S. Decree, 45, and her 19-year-old daughter Dominique Decree, were arrested Monday on suspicions of having killed five of their family members. Their arrest was confirmed by the Bucks Country DA’s office. The murder victims ranged in age from 9 to 42 years old.

The mother and daughter are currently in police custody, and Shana is being held without bail. Dominique is awaiting her arraignment.

Mother and Daughter Arrested on Suspicions of Murder

The Murders

The murder victims include Naa’Irah Smith, 25, and Damon Decree Jr., 13, Shana Decree’s children. Campbell’s 9-year-old daughters, twins Imani and Erika Allen, were also killed. Shana Decree’s sister, Jamilla Campbell, 42, was also among the murder victims.

It’s unclear, at the time of this writing, what the motive for the murders was, or how the victims were killed. It is known that all five were found together in an apartment during a routine wellness check around 4 PM Monday.

Decree and her daughter were arrested shortly after the bodies were found and are being held in police custody.


Both women are facing five charges of homicide and one count of conspiracy, each. It’s unclear what evidence connects them to the murders, though the conspiracy charge is telling. Typically conspiracy is invoked if there is a suspicion that the parties conspired to carry out the crime.

This means authorities believe the mother and daughter planned out the killing of their family members.

Other Details

Shana Decree’s nephew, Joshua Campbell, who is 17, is currently not accounted for. Police are looking for him in order to confirm his safety. He is not a suspect, but he could have been a target in the killings. Anyone with information as to his whereabouts should contact the authorities.

Both Shana and Dominique were hospitalized before being taken into custody. It’s unclear what the reason for their hospitalization was. Shana has been arraigned and is being held without bail. At the time of writing, Dominique has yet to be arraigned.