New Jersey Man Faked Slip and Fall, Charged with Fraud

A New Jersey native, Alexander Goldinsky, is facing fraud charges after video surveillance found the faked slip and fall he claimed was accidental. The faked slip and fall took place in an unnamed New Jersey warehouse where Goldinsky worked as a contractor.

Goldinsky made insurance claims through the warehouse for the ambulance ride and treatment for the injuries he claims he sustained.

Faked Slip and Fall Caught on Camera

Wet Floor

The Video Evidence

Authorities released the video evidence of the incident, which show Goldinsky pouring the ice out of his drink into the floor. He then walks to a trash can to dispose of the drink, walks back across the break room and visibly tries to slip and fall on the ice cube. He then lies on his back until he is discovered like this.

Once the video evidence was obtained, Goldisnky was charged with insurance fraud and theft by deception. He was arrested on January 15th in connection to these charges. Goldinsky claimed the ambulance ride and hospital bill via the insurance of the warehouse where he worked.

Such bold-faced deception is surprising to see on camera, if the prosecution’s claims are accurate.

Goldinsky’s Take

Speaking with CBS New York, Goldinsky claims he is innocent and that the fall was genuine. “Yes, I was brought to the police department,” he stated in an interview. “I didn’t do it, it was a mistake.” This interview occurred after he was released from the police department following his arrest.

Goldinsky, who is 57, is a native of New Jersey. He is to appear before a judge in February, and was released with a summons. The prosecution still considers the investigation ongoing and urge anyone with any information on the situation to call them.

This case is part of a statewide effort to curtail insurance fraud in New Jersey, according to officials. The crackdown is the primary project of New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal.