Ten Die in Paris Apartment Fire, Authorities Have Suspect in Custody

Tragedy struck in Paris yesterday, where an apparent arsonist attack claimed ten lives and resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage. The Paris apartment fire occurred on Rue Erlanger in the 16th arrondissement, which is a very upscale part of Paris.

Parisian officials have stated that a suspect has been apprehended in this case.

Paris Apartment Fire Kills Ten

The Blaze

The fire occurred early Tuesday morning and quickly spread through the apartment building. Residents climbed out of windows, clambered atop the building and otherwise scrambled for safety. Firefighters responded rapidly, saving at least 50 people from the burning building. Authorities report that at least six firefighters were injured saving people from the fire.

The French Interior Minister Cristophe Castaner stated that the fire department’s response was exemplary. “I want to salute the huge mobilization of the Paris firefighters,” the Minister stated. “More than 250 people arrived immediately and, throughout the night, saved over 50 people in truly exceptional conditions.”

The Suspect

Castaner also clarified that the fire appears to have been a deliberate act of arson. The authorities have apprehended a resident of the apartment building, whose name has not been disclosed. The suspect has been confirmed to be female, in her 40’s, and known to have mental health issues. What could have led to her setting the apartment building ablaze is currently unclear.

Paris Recovers

Paris has been home to more than its share of tragedy in recent years. The city recently suffered a gas explosion at in a bakery last month. That incident claimed the lives of three people and injured dozens more.

This fire was the deadliest in Paris since 2005. In addition to killing ten people, the fire is reported to have injured at least 30 other people. At least six of those injured were firefighters who were containing the blaze and rescuing people.