Which Horoscope Signs are Most Likely to Commit a Crime?

Perhaps you’re the most docile person you know, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of committing one of the crimes mentioned below.  Sometimes people are backed into a corner, or pulled into a situation they’d never imagine themselves to be in!

Is your own horoscope sign more likely to commit a crime than others?  Let’s find out.

Taurus – Tax Evasion

Admit it. You’re not a fan of paying your taxes, and you probably end up not paying your taxes because it simply isn’t high on your list of priorities.  Just don’t blame us if the IRS comes knocking one day.

Cancer – Blackmail

Sorry, your horoscope suggests that you’re very likely to resort to blackmail if you run across material you can use to your advantage if you’re at odds with someone.  You might want to think really hard about the consequences of your actions if you’re met with this opportunity.

Aris – Suspended License

Imagine if you found yourself in a position where you needed to drive, but for some reason – couldn’t. Even if you were legally bound not to set foot behind the wheel of a car.  If you’re an Aries, your horoscope suggests that you’ll be one to throw caution to the wind in this matter.

Gemini – Public Drinking

Of course, you never meant to drink quite that much, or behave in the manner that you did…  but because of your horoscope sign, you’re a little more inclined than others to find yourself doing just that.  I guess the good news is that you’ll still be the most popular guy around!

Leo – Shoplifting

Oh, how far the mighty lion has fallen.  The thing about lions is that when they want something, they’ll do anything to make sure they get it – even if it means they must resort to shoplifting to do so.  They’ll always find an excuse to justify the means.