Business Services: How to Conduct a Business Security Audit

Business services such as dealing with money and goods can attract the wrong kind of attention. A lot of businesses aren’t even aware of their security weak points and the ways they could be taken advantage of. In order to find your weak spots and shore them up, you should conduct a business security audit. Here’s how to focus on your business security an make yourself better defended.

Business Services: Conducting a Security Audit

When to Audit

Generally speaking, you want to conduct security audits regularly, but not on a schedule that can be guessed by personnel. Auditing your business’s security should be unexpected, just like any potential breach would be unexpected. If your staff is on their toes for the audit, then they’ll be on their toes for actual threats.


Creating a physical checklist of security points to audit is a great way to get started. Assess the entire premises and take in to account all aspects of the surroundings. Are there any topographical features that make the location more susceptible to intrusion? Or is it harder to assail due to the location?

Check the lighting. Is there a back area that is poorly-lit that could lead to intrusion being easier? Get floodlights on that area. Do your cameras not cover certain areas? Get cameras covering those areas.

Check Everything

Seriously, nothing is too paranoid. Make sure the fences are tall enough that intruders can’t scale them. Double check your alarms and make sure they’ll go off in the event of a break-in, fire or other emergency. Make sure every door locks properly and can’t be propped open by a shady character.

Make sure if you have security staff that they’re up-to-speed on the checklist and know what to watch out for. Get the staff in on the regular audits. Make sure you’re always prodding your own security. Get your sneakiest guards to try to break in during training exercises to see if there are glaring weaknesses.

Take Action

Once you’ve got a good feel for what the business is weak at protecting you can double down on shoring up those spots. Get the guards involved with this! There’s something almost fun about consistently trying to prod the security to make sure everything is as good as it could be.

Remember, the key to successful security is always testing it and making sure everything works as intended. No one wants to wake up to a break-in at their business. Make sure you’re prepared.