Double Check your Lawn Maintenance Company: Garden with Confidence

Tending your garden, keeping up with your lawn maintenance and general groundskeeping can often be a difficult task. That’s why a lot of people opt to use a lawn maintenance company.

However, some independent contractors and even some companies are a bit on the sketchy side. Here are the best ways to avoid getting scammed with a lawn maintenance company.

Garden with Confidence: Double Check Lawn Maintenance Companies

Best Practices

Make sure you know how much a lawn maintenance company will charge before you agree to any work. How long they’ll be in your yard, whether you’ll be able to access your driveway and what kind of work they’ll be doing are all important pieces of information you’ll want.

A trustworthy company will be able to work with you on your schedule and budget for the kind of work you need to be done.

What to Look For

Make sure any company you contract to work for you is fully accredited and insured. For one thing, you need them to be insured in case someone gets hurt while working on your yard. For another, if you know that the company is responsible enough to keep their accreditation and insurance up-to-date, then you can trust them to work close to your home!

If the company can’t provide this information, then you should walk away. The last thing you need is an untrustworthy company working near your home when you’re not around. If a company can’t be trusted to keep their paperwork up to date, how can they be trusted to properly vet their employees?

Where to Find Contractors

When you’re looking for contractors to work on anything, including your lawn, make sure you know who you’re hiring. Rather than looking on sites like Craigslist or just Googling, go through more accredited sites. AngiesList, for example, gives detailed reports on contractors.

Likewise, speaking with neighbors about who they trust to do their lawn work can be a good first step.