Drug Dealer Turned to Life of Crime Due to Health Conditions

Drug Dealer Turned to Life of Crime Due to Health Conditions

Normally, when one thinks of a dangerous criminal, they don’t think of someone with serious health conditions. Well, that was before Breaking Bad aired on AMC. The hit TV show introduced the world to the fictional Walter White, a cancer-stricken chemistry teacher who began making and selling meth to pay for his hospital bills.

In the real world, a similar situation arose in 2016. In a case of life imitating art, Anthony John Scott turned to a life of crime due to his health conditions. The 45-year-old Australian had a terminal heart condition and began smuggling vast quantities of methamphetamines.

Health Conditions Drive Man to Life of Crime

Anthony John Scott

Scott, an Australian native who was 45 at the time of his arrest, had been diagnosed with a terminal heart condition. He owned a stone importing business and was using this a cover for a massive drug-smuggling operation. He plead guilty to charges of importing over 100 pounds of meth and over 1,400 pseudoephedrine tablets from Indonesia.

Scott, a father of five and small business owner, was the last kind of person investigators would have pegged for a drug smuggler. Ironically, he was under the influence of the very drug he was smuggling, which was doing his heart no favors.

Why do This?

Scott claimed that he engaged in the smuggling in order to provide for his family, including his numerous health bills. While he was described by friends and family as a caring father and a good man, the judge in his case noted how harmful his criminal activity could be.

Judge Rauf Soulio stated “Methamphetamine is an insidious and dangerous drug. The offending was designed to make money to assist your family. You were aware of the serious consequences of dealing with drugs in Asian countries.” The judge further speculated that Scott’s arrest may have saved his life, as his use of meth was having a serious effect on the man’s heart health.