Illinois Gunman Threatened to Kill if Fired, Co-Worker Didn’t Believe Him

Illinois Gunman Threatened to Kill if Fired, Co-Worker Didn’t Believe Him


Gary Martin, the gunman who opened fire in a Chicago manufacturing plant in February, killed five colleagues before he was killed by police. But in a report released Monday, prosecutors are saying that he told a co-worker the morning of the shooting that if he was fired he was going to kill employees and police.

The report concluded that officers were justified in using deadly force.

Gary Martin Spoke to Co-Workers the Morning of the Shooting

Apparently, that morning before the shooting, Martin spoke to a few employees after he arrived for work on February 15th, and told his co-workers that he was worried he might be fired for a safety violation. A disciplinary meeting had been called because of his refusal to wear safety glasses.

Speaking to his co-worker, Martin allegedly said, “If I get fired, I’m going to kill every motherf***** in here.”

“I am going to blow police up.” He added.

The employee that he was speaking to had never seen him with the weapon inside the warehouse and didn’t know that Martin was carrying the gun inside at work that morning. Prosecutors believe that he brought the gun and ammunition inside when he arrived at work that morning, as there is no video of him returning to his car before the shooting began.

Martin was Fired During a Disciplinary Meeting

The report that was released Monday explains that Martin was fired during a disciplinary meeting. It details the events that happened before the shooting, such as Martin seen walking to his workstation, retrieving something, putting on a hoodie, and going to the bathroom before the meeting.

During the meeting, the company’s human resources manager, Clayton Parks, told Martin that he was fired. This is when Martin began firing.

Survivor Suing Illinois State Police

Timothy Williams was among those shot by Martin. After being shot in the arm during the meeting, Martin approached Williams saying, “You’re not dead yet?” before shooting him twice more. Williams has filed a lawsuit against Illinois State Police for issuing Martin a gun license, even though he already had a previous felony conviction, meaning that they failed to make sure he surrendered his gun when that license was revoked.

Police Response

The report gives an account of the police response. The officers were dispatched to the scene at 1:24 pm. During the five minute period, five officers were shot, and the officers fatally shot Martin. Martin was shot six times according to the autopsy, including once in the middle of his forehead.