Megan “Monster” Hawkins Arrested After Being Recognized From Netflix Show

Megan “Monster” Hawkins Arrested After Being Recognized From Netflix Show

A California woman was arrested after trying to use someone else’s identity to open a bank account.

Megan Hawkins, 29, also known as “Monster,” was one of the inmates featured on the Netflix series Jailbirds, a show about women in the Sacramento County main jail. It was filmed last summer, but just began airing this month on Netflix.

Police Called After Hawkins Recognized by Bank Employee

Hawkins was allegedly in an Elk Grove bank trying to open a checking account using an ID that did not belong to her. The show must have been fresh in one bank employee’s mind, because someone recognized Hawkins, and the police were called.

She is one of the most recognizable characters in the tv series, with her nickname, “Monster,” tattooed above her eye and her tongue split down the middle.

“She has some pretty identifiable tattoos so they recognized her automatically,” an Elk Grove Police Department officer, Jason Jimenez, told CBS Sacramento.

Found With Stolen Vehicle, Credit Cards, Controlled Substance

Hawkins had left the bank before the police officers arrived, but they found her in a parked vehicle close by, where she was detained. Officers discovered that the vehicle she was driving was reported stolen. A search of the vehicle also turned up several credit cards that belonged to various people, and a controlled substance (that has not been identified at this time).

She was then arrested for charges including unlawful possession of controlled substances, fictitious check, possession of a stolen vehicle, unlawful use of personal identifying information, and violation of probation. She was taken back to Sacramento County main jail, the same jail where she gained her Jailbirds fame.

Hawkins was just released on probation May 8th, after serving time for charges including auto theft.

Hawkins Claims She’s Not “That Dumb”

In an interview at the beginning of this week, Hawkins denied stealing the car she drove to the bank, saying that she wouldn’t be “that dumb” to commit a crime now that she has achieved Netflix fame. “They’re like, ‘Oh my God! Monster!’ like literally everywhere I go. I’m not stupid. So if everywhere I go, people stop me and they want to take pictures and they want me to sign an autograph–come on now. Am I really going to go and do something stupid like they’re saying?”

That’s what I’d like to think, but how’d someone else’s ID get in your hands at the bank, Monster?