23 Year-Old Massachusetts Male Charged With 7 Homicides

Volodymyr Zhukovskyy of West Springfield, Massachusetts was arrested at his home Monday. He was involved in a fatal accident on a New Hampshire highway last Friday, June 21st.

Zhukovskyy’s pickup truck, which was pulling a flatbed trailer, was traveling westward on a two-lane highway when it collided with 10 motorcycles heading the opposite direction.

Seven motorcyclists were killed in the accident.

More to the Story

This isn’t Zhukovskyy’s first run-in with the law. Earlier this year on May 11, he was arrested in a Walmart parking lot in East Windsor, Connecticut. The officers showed up at the scene after they received a complaint that a man was revving his engine and acting out by jumping up and down.

Zhukovskyy’s lawyer denied that his client was intoxicated but he refused to get a blood test.

He was also arrested and charged with a DUI in 2013 in Westfield, Massachusetts. He was given a year of probation and his license was suspended for 210 days.

The truck company that Zhukovskyy was working for at the time of the accident, Westfield Transport, has had a shady past. Reports indicate that the company has been cited for several violations.

Twice before, their drivers have been caught in possession of drugs and another incident noted that other drivers did not have a proper commercial license.

Who Were the Victims

The seven victims who were killed in the negligent homicide were either supporters or members of the Marine Jarheads. The motorcycle group consisted of Marines and their spouses with ages ranging between 42 to 62.

One member of the club, Joseph Mazza, who lost his nephew Albert in the accident was grateful for the arrest of Volodymyr Zhukovskyy. “As long as he pays a price. He has caused a lot of harm to a lot of families. He caused enough of a tragedy. Enough is enough.”

Right before the fatal accident, the Marine Jarheads had just wrapped up dinner and were heading to a local fundraiser at an American Legion post. The group was 15 motorcycles strong with 21 riders. They lost 33% of their group on this tragic day.

Those who passed away in the accident have been identified as Michael Ferazzi, Albert Mazza Jr., Desma Oakes, Aaron Perry, Daniel Pereira, and Jo-Ann and Edward Corr.