Beach Safety: How to Prevent Your Valuables From Being Stolen

Trying to keep valuables such as your phone, watch, and purse free of sand or seagull poop is hard enough. So how do you protect your most prized possessions as you enjoy a day at the beach? How do you prevent theft as you soak up the sun and build the greatest sand castle there ever was?

Beach Robbers Can’t Take What’s Not There

Unfortunately, the beach is a hotbed for small criminal activity. Of course, when something is taken from you it’s not a small matter at all. The beach is filled with people relaxing and taking a break from the stress that life often brings. This often results in people letting down their guard. And petty thieves know and expect this.

However, making wise decisions about what you bring to the beach and what you leave in your car, home, or hotel room is one simple way to avoid being taken advantage of. Only bring the essentials. Whatever you do bring with you to the beach, make sure you are able to take it in the water as well.

It’s not necessary to bring your entire wallet or purse with you. Place just enough cash in a plastic bag so you can keep it in your possession at all times. Purchase a small disposable camera rather than using your nice DSLR that you take professional photos with. If you plan on doing some reading, bring a physical book or magazine rather than an E-reader.

Invest in Anti-Theft Gear to Keep Your Items Secure

The market is full of innovative products that are designed to keep your valuables safe. Below is a quick list with short descriptions of gear you can invest in.

Anti-Theft Beach Bag – these bags are completely waterproof and slash resistant. These bags are going to put pickpockets out of business. They’re also capable of being locked to stationary lounge furniture to avoid easy swiping.

Beach Towel With Pockets – these towels come with zipped pockets located in the corners. If you do happen to bring valuables with you to the beach, these pockets can keep such items out of sight. They don’t provide protection necessarily, but hidden possessions can be a deterrent to theft since it takes much longer to locate items to steal.

A Portable Beach Safe – locking your items away in a safe under lock and key (or combination) is another alternative to preventing theft. Some safes can be expensive but you might find the investment worthwhile. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and designs.

Other Strategies to Ensure Your Possessions Remain Safe

There are some practical strategies that you can implement to help protect your belongings. Make sure at least one person is watching your things at all times. If someone needs to use the bathroom, swap places with someone nearby.

Surround yourself with other groups that may be protecting things just as carefully as you are. Strike up a conversation that may give off the impression that your two groups came to the beach together. Thieves may be more inclined to stay away from these situations.

If at all possible, try to sit next to the lifeguard’s station. Although it is not their responsibility to watch your stuff, it can serve as a major deterrent for thieves looking to score. Setting up next to any type of patrol or beach first responder will decrease your chances of being robbed.