Seattle Man Kills Wife After Finding Out He Wasn’t the Father

Seattle Man Kills Wife After Finding Out He Wasn’t the Father

A man has been accused of stabbing and killing his wife after finding out that his 2-month-old son was not his.

The incident occurred Tuesday evening at an apartment in SeaTac, Washington when a 59 year-old-man was enraged that he was not the father of his newborn child.

Wife Dies Shortly After Being Stabbed by Her Husband

Police Reports say that the couple was in the midst of an argument when the women announced that her husband was not the father of their son. She then slapped her husband, only to have him retaliate by stabbing her five times in both the neck and stomach. He used a kitchen knife to inflict the deadly wounds.

King County’s Sergeant Ryan Abbott said that the sheriff’s office received an initial call around 8:30 pm from the victim. A man’s voice and a baby crying could be heard in the background as the call abruptly ended.

As the deputies arrived on scene, the sheriff’s office received a second call from the man saying that he had stabbed his wife. He was able to direct the police to the correct residence where they arrived around 8:50 pm.

The King County Sheriff’s Office tweeted out the following update around 9:09 pm: “Deputies on scene of a stabbing, 3000 BLK S 208 ST, SeaTac. A female has been stabbed and being treated on scene by King County Medic One. Unknown status at this time.

A male has been taken into custody at the scene. I will update when I receive more info.”

Soon after they entered the apartment to find a man holding a baby and a woman lying on the floor with stab wounds.

The medics on the scene tried their best to save the woman but she died shortly after around 9:30 pm.

Husband Placed in Custody For Murder Investigation

Just past midnight on Wednesday morning, the man responsible for killing his wife was sent to King County Jail. The man admitted to stabbing his wife because she told him that their 2-month-old son was not his—he was not the biological father.

The child was given over to Child Protective Service and was not injured during the incident. With the death of his mom and the arrest of her killer, there’s a strong possibility that the child will grow up not knowing either of his parents.

Major Crimes Detectives are currently undergoing further investigation.