Wisconsin Man Punches Infant to Death

A 21-year-old Wisconsin man named Kenta Evans was charged with reckless homicide Wednesday night after he repeatedly punched a 2-month-old infant. He later fled the scene and was found hiding in a closet at his mother’s house.

A Heated Altercation

Evans arrived at the home of Jessica McNeal early Wednesday morning on June 5th in order to visit his supposed 2-month-old son, Jaquerrion Dancer. Shortly after Evans arrival, an altercation occurred and emotions intensified.

Reports indicate that in a fit of rage, Evans grabbed McNeal’s phone and smashed it into the wall.

Fearful of Evans reaction, McNeal ran to where her child was sleeping, scooped him up, and demanded that Evans leave her home. Rather than abiding by her request, Evans tried to pull the child from McNeal’s arms but got frustrated when she wouldn’t relinquish.

Evans then began punching McNeal while she was still holding the 2-month-old child. McNeal’s sister rushed into the room trying to get Evans to stop his violent tantrum.

At once, she noticed that the child’s mouth was bleeding and immediately rushed the child to the closest hospital.

Jaquerrion was pronounced dead later that evening.

The Cause of Death

Doctors at the hospital had diagnosed the young child with numerous injuries. According to medical records, Jaquerrion suffered several skull fractures, along with swelling of the brain and retina.

He passed away at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin around 9:00 pm that same night.

A brief autopsy was performed shortly after in which the examiner concluded that the child’s death was indeed a homicide. Evans later admitted that although he was not intentionally hitting the child, several of his punches connected.

These punches resulted in the death of Jaquerrion.

The Aftermath of the Incident

After discovering Evans in the closet at his mother’s house, he was arrested and charged with first-degree homicide. Upon questioning, Evans admitted to the crime and a judge has already set his bail at $20,000 during his first court date.

He is scheduled for a second hearing early next week on June 20th.

Kenta Evans Sr., the suspects father, shared his thoughts and feelings on his son’s actions saying that he is “torn apart, because we lost our grandson.”