1 Child Dead, 3 Injured as Police Pursue Oklahoma Couple

1 Child Dead, 3 Injured as Police Pursue Oklahoma Couple


An Oklahoma couple is wanted by the OK Police Department and MO Metropolitan Police Department after finding one of their five children dead, and another three severely wounded. Hakim Mustafa Moore and Robin Alexander are also wanted by the police for failing to show up in court for several charges of child abuse. They have yet to be found.

Accused of Abuse And “Failure to Appear”

The Atlus Police Department (APD) in Oklahoma got involved with the abuse case back in September of 2018. The Oklahoma Department of Human Services (ODHS) appeared at the doorstep of Moore and Alexander and asked for their help regarding the abuse of their three children.

The children were handed over to the ODHS to be treated and then released by a local medical facility. The APD took the couple into custody and then released them on bond. A court date was established for June 10, 2019, but the couple failed to show.

Believing the couple had fled to St. Louis, Missouri to evade being caught, authorities requested the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and the U.S. Marshals to provide assistance with the search.

The Discoveries of the Search

As authorities investigated the whereabouts of Moore and Alexander, they discovered three of the couple’s children in critical condition in Oklahoma. The children have been taken into custody to be cared for.

As the investigation continued, a fourth child was found dead and the authorities are still searching for the fifth and final child. It has been reported that the fifth child was born in a hotel and has no documentation. Without proper documentation, it will be very difficult to locate and identify the child.

The Search Continues

Hakim Mustafa Moore and Robin Alexander’s whereabouts are still unknown. Although authorities still believe they are currently hiding in St. Louis, Missouri they don’t have any new or substantial leads. As the search continues, locating the couple becomes more difficult due to the time they’ve had to create further distance from authorities. There is no indication that Moore and Alexander are even in Missouri at this point.

The authorities have issued a reward of up to $10,000 for any help leading to the arrest of the couple and the location of their fifth child.