A 3-Year-Old Pensacola Girl Was Shot and Killed By Her Father

A 3-Year-Old Pensacola Girl Was Shot and Killed By Her Father


  • On Saturday, July 20th, 3-year-old Cherish Jackson is shot twice by her father, Terrence Jackson. She passed away in the hospital the next day.
  • After shooting his daughter, Terrence turned the gun on himself and committed suicide.
  • Therapist Sean Abbott thinks that Terrence wanted to “get back” at his daughter’s mom by taking their daughter away from both of them and then ending his own life.
  • A Candlelight vigil was held Monday, July 22nd to honor Cherish. Pink Balloons, here favorite color, were released as friends and family sang Amazing Grace.

Cherish Jackson, a 3-year-old girl was shot twice in the head by her father, Terrence Jackson Saturday afternoon, July 20th in Pensacola, FL. Cherish was immediately taken to the hospital that afternoon. Unfortunately, the wounds to her head were too severe and she passed away the next day.

Father Shoots Daughter, Turns Gun on Himself

Father, Terrence Jackson arrived at his daughter’s home on Saturday afternoon in order to walk with her to a local store. One neighbor who requested to be unnamed said that Cherish was seen running toward Terrence shouting, “Daddy, Daddy” as she was “all happy to see him.”

After Terrence arrived, he walked about 100 feet and said something to his daughter before pulling out a gun and shooting her in the head twice. Only seconds later, he turned the gun on himself and pulled the trigger.

The neighbor who witnessed everything said, “I know he said something to Cherish right before he shot her because I saw her look up at him. That image of her looking at him is etched into my mind forever. Both bodies were laying in the street. It was horrific.”

When the Escambia County authorities showed up, Terrence was dead, but Cherish was still alive as she was transported to the closest hospital. She fell victim to her injuries the following day.

Therapist Thinks Murder-Suicide Was Retaliation

The reason for Terrence Jackson’s actions is still unknown. One neighbor said that he was just at the house recently to celebrate Cherish’s birthday with her mom, Casey Scott. “He didn’t have a gun then,” the neighbor said, “I think he came over with this already planned. Why else would you bring a gun?”

A therapist at Lakeview Center’s Summit Group, Sean Abbott thinks that Terrence wanted to “get back” at his former partner, Casey Scott, to demonstrate that if he can’t have their daughter, then neither could she. Of course, this is purely speculation, but it’s safe to assume that Terrence was having some unstable thoughts for some reason.

Vigil to Honor Cherish

This past Monday night, friends and family gathered at a local park to honor the life of 3-year-old Cherish Jackson. During the candlelight vigil, pink balloons were released into the sky as attendees sang Amazing Grace.

Cherish’s mom, Casey Scott said, “She fought hard to stay here with us. It just wasn’t meant for her to be.” She continued, “I’ve been holding my head high. I know that my baby wouldn’t want us out here crying. Wouldn’t want us out here struggling. Wouldn’t want us out here breaking down. As you can see, she was a fighter.”