True-Crime Author Accused of Falsifying Interviews

  • True Crime author, Paul Harrison is being accused of falsifying his experiences and interviews related to his books.
  • FBI agents have no recollection of Harrison being present in Quantico, VA to interview serial killers.
  • Britain’s “Yorkshire Ripper” Peter Sutcliffe calls Harrison a “conman” claiming that the author never contacted or visited him.
  • Harrison blames promoters for creating a persona that he “had to live up to.” Deletes all social media accounts after an apology.
  • Urbane Publications removes Harrison’s latest release, Mind Games, from bookshelves.

True Crime writer, Paul Harrison is the author of more than 30 books, including his latest release Mind Games. Fellow British crime writer, Martina Cole refers to Harrison as “the master of the true-crime genre.” However, recent discoveries may cause the “queen of crime” to recant her words of praise.

True-Crime Not That Truthful

Harrison has been accused of falsifying interviews as well as lying about his interactions with authorities at Quantico. He claims to have “worked closely” with the FBI’s Behavioural Science Unit in 1982.

However, several former FBI agents who were present when Harrison said he had been in Quantico, VA had no recollection of him. They denied knowing anyone who resembled Harrison and doubted that he gained access to interview any serial killers.

One of the former FBI agents, Mark Safarik, spoke out and said, “Any claim that he conducted interviews of those serial killers is completely false.”

Interviews That Never Happened

Harrison also claimed to have interviewed Britain’s “Yorkshire Ripper” Peter Sutcliffe, citing that Sutcliffe told him, “I’m scared of you.” After Sutcliffe heard about Harrison’s claims, he sent a letter to The Sun that said, “Paul Harrison is an absolute charlatan, a conman. He never corresponded with me, nor did he ever visit me.”

Harrison continued his charade by saying he was present during the final days of Reggie Kray’s life. The infamous British criminal Kray Twins’ hitman, Fred Foreman said that “Paul Harrison was definitely not there in his dying days… Reggie would never have entertained police.”

Paul Harrison’s Response to Accusations

Harrison deleted his social media accounts right after issuing the following apology on Facebook:

“This monster is no longer mine, nor is it what I wanted it to be. I saw it as a tool to give victims a voice, everywhere, but because I’m weak and vulnerable and utterly useless at decision making I was introduced into sensationalizing events by promoters who often sent out misleading blurbs.

Something I had to live up to. I’ve decided to call it a day for now. No more shows or interactions on social media. All I wanted to do was help raise the profile of victims everywhere. Now, it seems I’ve let everyone down, I’m sorry for that.”

It seems that he is partially blaming promoters and even his book publisher for creating a facade that he “had to live up to.”

Publisher and Crime Club Take Action

Harrison’s publisher, Urbane Publications, quickly pulled Mind Games from shelves due to the publishers being “very concerned by these revelations.” They wanted to “seek clarification before deciding what further action to take.”

Urbane’s public statement went on to say, “However, with immediate effect, we will be withdrawing Mind Games from sale. We will also be donating any profits we have secured thus far from the sales of Mind Games to charities that help and support victims of violent crime.”

This past weekend, a true-crime club that Harrison co-founded declared that it was “closing its doors with immediate effect for the foreseeable future” but referenced Harrison’s health as the reason behind its discontinuation rather than the recent accusations.