Use These 7 Cautionary Tips When Attending Large Public Events

It seems like every other week the news contains at least one story of a shooting or other type of violence during a public event. People are growing weary of attending public events afraid that their safety and private property is at risk.

But as security increases and attendees become more aware, enjoying a concert or festival is still possible. Follow these 7 cautionary tips when attending large public events to ensure that you maximize your safety.

#1: Let Someone Know Where You’ll Be

Before you leave for your event, let someone close to you know the exact location of where you’ll be. Give them the address, your transportation route, and the start/finish times so they know where you should be during different parts of the event. In case of an emergency, this will help make sure your whereabouts are secure and that you’re safe.

#2: Keep Your Non Essentials at Home

If your event is going to be packed full of people from shoulder to shoulder, it’s a good idea not to carry any valuables on your person. Travel light and only bring the items that you know you’ll need. Your phone and some cash should be all you need. Store them in your front pockets so they aren’t easy targets for thieves.

#3: Study Your Surroundings

Once you arrive at your event or specific seat, take some time to survey your surroundings. Take notice of where the emergency exits are located so you can make a quick escape if necessary. Locate a specific meet up place in case you and your friends ever get separated or lost. Make sure there is an event staff representative within a quick walking distance as well.

Tip #4: Be Smart About Using Your Phone for Purchases

This tip is applicable during and even before your event. Make sure you don’t purchase tickets from an unverified vendor or ticket agent. Using an incorrect vendor or agent is exactly how hackers steal account information and identities. If you buy merchandise or memorabilia via mobile transaction make sure the vendor is certified. It’s also not a good idea to login to unsecured WiFi networks.

Tip #5: Keep Your Cell Phone Charged at All Times

Most cell phones today can last an entire day without being charged. However, it’s also very easy to forget to charge your phone in the evening or if you’ve been using it more than usual. Plug your phone up to a car charger as you travel to your event to make sure it has more than enough juice to last. Not having the use of your phone during an emergency is not a position you want to be in.

Tip #6: Report Suspicious Activity

If something doesn’t look quite right, it’s best to report it than brush it off. The term “better safe than sorry” is always a good rule of thumb when attending large public events. If you notice someone being harassed find security as soon as possible so the situation doesn’t escalate.

Tip #7: Stay Calm During an Emergency

If an emergency does occur while attending an event, move to the edge of the crowd quickly and find a safe hiding spot. Call the local authorities and your family to ensure them of your safety. Make sure everyone is accounted for and sit tight until help arrives.