5 Easy Ways to Protect Your Packages From Theft

  • With the increase in home deliveries, package theft is on the rise. Implement one or more of the following 5 ways to ensure that your package is protected.
  • Add delivery instructions for your carrier to follow so your package isn’t left on the front porch for anyone to swipe.
  • Install a video doorbell or camera as a deterrent for theft and as a way to instruct the delivery driver where to place your package.
  • Choose an off-site location for your package to be delivered or opt for in-store pickup.
  • Control your delivery options by customizing your orders with TaskRabbit or Postmates.

Shopping online is one of the most convenient and cost-efficient ways to purchase anything you want or need. Since most major retailers offer free shipping, ordering items online is a no-brainer. However, there is one drawback to ordering online and having your items shipped to your home: package theft.

Once a package has been delivered, it is no longer the responsibility of the retailer or the delivery service. Anything that happens to your package falls solely on you. But you can help prevent package theft by being proactive. Continue reading to discover 5 ways you can protect your packages from being stolen.

#1: Add Delivery Instructions to Your Order

Although this option seems obvious, it doesn’t get utilized enough. Before you submit an online order, look for a text box or section that allows you to leave instructions for the delivery service. You can request that your package be delivered to a side door, or perhaps the next-door neighbor that you know will be home.

If your package is being delivered by FedEx, they have a special option that allows your package to be dropped off at a local Walgreens for you to pick up at your convenience. Take advantage of delivery instructions because it will cost you a fee to have your package redelivered.

#2: Install a Video Doorbell

When the delivery driver rings your doorbell, you’ll be able to vocally instruct them on where to leave your package. The video doorbell also acts as a security camera that is equipped with a motion detector. Although you won’t be able to prevent someone from stealing your package, you’ll have the video recording to use during an investigation.

#3: Choose an Off-Site Location for Deliveries

If you’re expecting a package during the day, have it delivered to your place of employment. Parcel carriers are willing to leave packages at the front desk of any business. If you have a trusted friend or family member living nearby, ask if you could use their address for your delivery.

Ordering your packages from Amazon gives you the added benefit of using an Amazon Locker. When you are selecting your shipping options upon checkout, choose an Amazon Locker. Once your package has been delivered to that specific locker, you’ll receive a 6-digit code that can be used to access your package within three days.

#4: Choose In-Store Pickup

Purchasing items online from a retailer located right around the corner is often much cheaper than buying it in-store. Whether you’re taking advantage of an online coupon, or your particular store didn’t have the item in stock, choosing in-store pick-up allows you to get what you need while keeping it secure. It also allows you to pick-up your item at your convenience.

#5: Control Your Delivery Options

Use TaskRabbit or Postmates to pick up items from local stores. Both of these services allow you to customize your delivery so that it’s convenient for you. Use the app to describe exactly what you need to be accomplished along with when and where you want your items delivered. It’s a little pricer but it may be worth your peace of mind.