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Katrina Danforth

Idaho Pornstar Pleads Guilty For Hiring Hitman to Kill Child’s Father

  • On August 5, a 32-year-old porn star pleaded guilty of two counts of illegal use of interstate commerce when trying to hire a hitman to kill the father of one of her children.
  • Katrina Danforth, also known as Lynn Pleasant, contracted a hitman to kill a man named R.H. for $5,000.
  • She instructed the hitman from Montana to make sure the body is found and not to be concerned if anyone else is harmed.
  • She was arrested on December 19 at Spokane International Airport and originally pleaded not guilty.
  • She will face up to 10 years in prison and $500,000 in fines for conspiring to murder another person.

Katrina Danforth, a 32-year-old porn star from Post Falls, Idaho has pleaded guilty for contacting and hiring a hitman to kill the father of one of her children. She is currently looking at up to ten years in prison.

Murder-For-Hire Plan Backfires

Danforth, who “conducts business” under the name Lynn Pleasant, had told one of her friends that she wanted the man who had fathered one of her three kids to be killed. The friend gave Danforth contact information for a hitman from Montana that she could hire.

She called the hitman and arranged a meeting last fall on October 18. During the meeting, Danforth agreed to pay the hitman $5,000 if he would murder a man that went by the name R.H. She then gave some instructions such as “the body must be found and it doesn’t matter if anyone else is harmed.”

Approximately one month later on November 10, Danforth sent the hitman a letter. It was a thank you card that contained $2,500. According to Assistant U.S. Attorney Traci Whelan, “This money was the down payment for the hit with the remaining $2,500 to be paid after R.H. was murdered.”

Between Danforth’s original meeting and when she sent the thank you card, her and the hitman met once more. According to the court records, she gave the hired killer information on where R.H. worked, what he looked like and plans on how to carry out her request.

Unfortunately for Danforth, the hitman she hired was an undercover police officer.

Arrested for Illegal Use of Interstate Commerce

Danforth was arrested on December 19 at Spokane International Airport and appeared in federal court that same day. Originally she pleaded not guilty for illegal use of interstate commerce to hire someone to kill the father of one of her children.

However, on Monday, August 5, she pleaded guilty of two of the five counts of illegal interstate commerce at the U.S. District Court in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Danforth faces a maximum of 10 years and is being fined $250,000 for each count.

Since she doesn’t have any previous felony convictions, it’s doubtful that she will serve the full time.

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