Young Washington Woman Confesses to Strangling Mom to Death

Young Washington Woman Confesses to Strangling Mom to Death

The Olympian

  • 23-year-old Amara Lundy has confessed to murdering her mom, Susan Lundy, by strangulation with an electrical cord.
  • Lundy had “grown tired of her mother” and felt that getting rid of her “would be better for several people.”
  • One week after killing her mom, she dismembered the body and disposed of the pieces in trash cans throughout Olympia, Washington.
  • The investigation is still ongoing and Lundy’s court date is set for August 27. She is currently being held without bail.

A 23-year-old woman from Olympia, Washington has been accused of strangling her mom and leaving parts of her dismembered body in trash cans throughout the city. The suspect told detectives that “she had grown tired of her mother…”

Woman Arrested for First-Degree Murder

Amara Lundy was arrested Monday after authorities suspected that she was responsible for the death of her mother, Susan Lundy. The daughter is being held without bail as a precautionary measure due to the gravity and premeditation of the crime.

After Lundy’s mom had been missing for approximately one month, a missing persons report was filed on July 6. When asked about her mom’s whereabouts, Amara lied and said she had gone on a camping trip. However, on August 12 she came forward to “provide a truthful statement” and confessed to strangling her mom.

A Detailed Description of Her Crimes

According to her confession to authorities, Lundy “had grown tired of her mother and decided that if her mother was dead, things would be better for several people.” Lundy said she used an electrical cord to strangle her mom and “was surprised how much force it took to kill her mother.”

The police report also mentioned that Lundy’s mom “begged for her to stop but [she] felt at that point her only option was to finish strangling her and continued to do so until her mother stopped thrashing.”

After she realized her mom was dead, Lundy put the body in a blanket and dragged it to the basement. Approximately one week later, she used a kitchen knife and saw to cut the corpse into smaller pieces. She then recruited her boyfriend to help her disperse the body parts in private trash bins throughout the city.

An Attempted Cover-Up

Police claim that Amara attempted to cover up her crime even further by “destroying her mother’s cell phone and throwing her identification in the garbage can.” However, prosecutors were able to uncover Susan Lundy’s ID and credit cards in a trash can at an Olympia shopping center.

Police also discovered a potent bleach smell coming from the basement during a search of the home that Amara and Susan shared. The basement door had been fitted with a new padlock as a way to cover-up the evidence of Amara’s murder.

Lundy’s arraignment is currently scheduled for August 27, as the investigation is still ongoing. The boyfriend who supposedly helped dispose of the body has yet to be arrested and Amara has been instructed not to make contact with him.