73-Year-Old Woman Kills Neighbor, Longtime Friend With Brick

73-Year-Old Woman Kills Neighbor, Longtime Friend With Brick


  • On September 8, in Prince George County, Maryland, a fight between two elderly women ends in murder.
  • 73-year-old Chun Oh repeatedly beat 82-year-old, Hwa Cha Pak with a brick before calling 911 to report the incident.
  • Chun Oh has been charged with first- and second-degree murder. The reason for the dispute has yet to be confirmed.
  • Pak’s eldest grandchild mourns the loss of his grandmother yet still has compassion for the one that took her life.

This past Sunday, two Maryland neighbors aged 73 and 82 got into an agreement that resulted in the death of 82-year-old, Hwa Cha Pak. After the argument escalated, 73-year-old Chun Oh repeatedly hit Pak with a brick before reporting the incident to local authorities.

Woman Found Dead in Garden

The dispute and subsequent killing took place at a senior living facility between two longtime friends and neighbors. Prince George’s County Police Homicide Unit reported that “On September 8th, at approximately 7:15 am, officers with the Bladensburg Police Department responded to an apartment building in the 5900 block of Emerson Street for a welfare check.”

The spokesperson for the Homicide Unit continued, “They located the victim suffering from upper body trauma in a garden in the back of the building. She was pronounced dead on the scene.” The report stated that Oh had “struck the victim multiple times with a brick.”

Chun Oh Charged With Murder

Officials have announced that Oh has been charged with first- and second-degree murder. She is currently being held at the Department of Corrections and has received a “no-bond” classification. Since details about what caused the dispute have yet to be determined, the murder is still under investigation.

There are assumptions that the argument may have revolved around a longtime debt that had yet to be reconciled although this is certainly speculative. Oh’s preliminary hearing occurred yesterday, so further information may have been revealed.

Pak’s Eldest Son in Shock

Andy Kwon, Hwa Cha Pak’s eldest grandson was filled with rage upon hearing the news of his mother’s murder. He asked, “who in their right mind, or what kind of evil, had to creep up to take my grandmother’s life?”

Pak was a single mother that followed her one and only son to the United States in the 1980s. Pak took it upon herself to help take care of all nine of her grandchildren while the parents worked to provide financially. “She helped raise all of us,” her eldest grandson said. “She literally bounced from house to house to take care of her grandchildren.”

After the anger subsided, Kwon, a deeply religious person, extended grace to his grandmother’s killer: “We would also like to extend a prayer to this lady; God is our creator, and in the end, he judges us by everything we say and do,” Kwon said. “Her judgment will be before God. We pray God will show mercy to her.”