Friday’s FBI Most Wanted List: September 20, 2019

The FBI is looking for the following two white Hispanic males: Alejandro Rosales Castillo and Alexis Flores. Both men are on the FBI’s Top Ten list of wanted criminals. In order to help capture these dangerous convicts, please read the following details pertaining to the above-named suspects and report any findings to your local FBI office or the nearest American Embassy or Consulate.

Alejandro Castillo
News & Observer

Alejandro Rosales Castillo

Description: Black hair, brown eyes, 5’6″ with a thicker build about 180-190 lbs. Castillo is a white/Hispanic American born on November 26, 1998, in Arizona. Possible other aliases are Alex Castillo and Alejandro Rosales.

Interesting Facts: Castillo’s last known residence was in Charlotte, North Carolina but may currently be living in San Fransisco de Los Romo in the Mexican state of Aguascalientes. It’s also possible that he is residing in Guanajuato or Veracruz located in the country of Mexico. He may be wearing his hair short with it shaved on the sides.

Connections: He has ties in Phoenix, Arizona. On August 16, 2016, Border Protection surveillance video caught Castillo in a gray shirt and black hat crossing the border from Arizona into Mexico at approximately 9 pm.

Conviction: Alejandro Castillo is wanted for being involved in the murder of a female co-worker in Charlotte, NC in 2016. The victim’s car was found at a bus station in Arizona on August 15 and two days later her body was found in the woods in Cabarrus County, North Carolina. The body had a gunshot wound in the head.

Reward: $100,000 for information leading directly to the arrest of Alejandro Rosales Castillo.

Alexis Flores
Philly Voice

Alexis Flores

Description: Brown eyes and black hair, 5’4″ weighing about 130-140 lbs. He has used the birth dates of July 18, 1975, July 18, 1982, September 15, 1980, and July 17, 1982. Flores is a white/Hispanic Honduran male, born in Honduras. His last known occupation was a handyman. Possible other aliases are Mario Flores, Mario F. Roberto, Alex Contreras, and Alesis Contreras.

Interesting Facts: Flores has scars on his forehead and right cheek. Not much other information is available at this time.

Connections: Since he was born in Honduras, it’s suspected that he may still have strong ties in the country.

Conviction: Flores was allegedly involved in the kidnapping and murder of a five-year-old girl from Philadelphia, PA. The little girl went missing in late July 2000 and was found a month later strangled to death in an apartment.

Reward: $100,000 for information leading directly to the arrest of Alexis Flores.

Again, if you have any information concerning these wanted men, please contact the FBI’s Toll-Free Tipline at 1-800-CALL-FBI.