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Unknown Masked Robbers in the Greater Boston Area Wanted by the FBI

Two separate commercial criminals are wanted by the FBI for robbing several convenience stores in the greater Boston area. The FBI is seeking the assistance of the general public for any information that can lead to the apprehension of the two suspects.

Limped Robber in 20s or 30s

The first suspect described as a male in his 20s or 30s should be considered “armed and dangerous” according to the FBI. He wore dark clothing, a mask that concealed part of his face, and it appeared that he had a slight limp.

The following information lists a sample of crimes committed between August 30, 2018, and March 29, 2019:

  • August 30, 2018, 8:14 p.m – the suspect entered the Mobil Gas Station on 264 Neponset Valley Parkway, Hyde Park, Massachusetts demanding money from the cash register attendant.
  • September 25, 2018, 8:43 p.m – the suspect “wearing a black mask, dark pants, and a jacket with a white logo on the left side” entered the same Mobil Gas Station saying he had “child support to pay.”
  • October 8, 2018, 7:32 p.m – the suspect entered Rogers Service Gas Station on 197 Neponset Valley Parkway, Hyde Park, Massachusetts. He had to flee without any money but was still wearing the same jacket with the white logo on the left side.
  • January 18, 2019, 8:20 p.m – the suspect entered the W&G Express Gas Station on 753 American Legion Highway, Roslindale, Massachusetts. He wore a black bandana and a mask while claiming he had diapers to buy as he demanded money.

Second Robber Wore Black & Red Sneakers

Although the second suspect didn’t have any distinguishable physical ailments, he was often seen wearing black and red sneakers during his robberies. He also carried a black and silver semi-automatic handgun.

The following information lists a sample of crimes committed between May 24, 2019, and August 26, 2019:

  • May 24, 2019, 10:20 p.m – the suspect entered the Fairmont Food Mart on 674 Truman Parkway, Hyde Park, Massachusetts wielding his black and silver handgun. He wore gray gloves and his black and red sneakers as he demanded money.
  • August 17, 2019, 7:58 p.m – the suspect lingered into Five Corners Market on 161 Newbury Avenue, Quincy, Massachusetts. He demanded money and some cigarettes.
  • August 26, 2019, 8:30 p.m – the suspect visited the Milton Food Mart on 133 Brook Road, Milton, Massachusetts for the second time. Donning the same black and red sneakers and gray gloves he told the cashier to give him money.

If you’ve seen anything that resembles either of these wanted men, please contact your local FBI office or the nearest American Embassy or Consulate.

Dan Perez

Dan Perez

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