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Missing Children 2018-2019

Thursday’s FBI Missing Children Brief: October 17, 2019

The FBI and local law enforcement seek the public’s assistance in locating the following two children who have been reported missing between 2018-2019.

If you or anyone you know has any information concerning these missing persons, please contact the FBI’s Toll-Free Tipline at 1-800-CALL-FBI. You may also contact the nearest American Embassy or Consulate.

Aranza Maria Ochoa Lopez
Everett Herald

Aranza Maria Ochoa Lopez: Vancouver, WA – October 25, 2018

Physical Description: Aranza has blonde/light brown hair (at time of disappearance) and blue eyes. She is 3’4″ to 3’6″ although more than likely a bit taller since she has been missing for a year.

She weighed between 40 and 42 lbs and is a white Hispanic American female. She speaks English and a small amount of Spanish. Her ears are also pierced.

Whereabouts: Aranza was last seen at a mall in Vancouver, Washington, where her biological mother allegedly took her. Her mother was taken into custody in Puebla, Mexico, in September of 2019. Authorities believe Aranza is still in Mexico.

The last time Aranza was seen, she was wearing a long-sleeved dark blue shirt with a picture of a bulldog on the front. She also wore white, blue, and purple striped pants along with a pair of Paw Patrol sneakers. It is suspected that she may look different due to a change in her hair and makeup in order to conceal her identity.

Reward: Up to $10,000 for information leading to the whereabouts of Aranza Maria Ochoa Lopez.

Contact: If you have any information, please contact the Seattle field office at (206) 622-0460.

Dulce Maria Alavez
CBS Philly

Dulce Maria Alavez: Bridgeton, NJ – September 16, 2019

Physical Description: Dulce has long brown hair and brown eyes. She is around 3’0″ and weighs approximately 65 lbs. She is a white Hispanic American female.

Whereabouts: Dulce was last seen Monday afternoon on September 16, 2019. She was playing with her 3-year-old brother, Manuel, at the Bridgeton City Park behind Bridgeton High School.

When last seen, she was wearing a yellow shirt that had a picture of a koala on the front. Her black and white pants were decorated with butterflies and flowers. Dulce also wore white sandals.

Leads: Authorities have just recently released a sketch of a man that could be a possible witness to the disappearance of Dulce Maria Alavez. He has been described as Hispanic, 5’7″ with a slender build, and between the ages of 30 and 35 years old.

The man wore a white shirt, blue jeans, and a white baseball cap. He was also seen with one or two other children around the same age as Dulce.

Reward: Up to $52,000 for information leading to the whereabouts of Dulce Maria Alavez.

Contact: If you have any information, please contact the Newark field office at (973) 792-3000. You are also able to text any information to TIP411 subtext Bridgeton.

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