12-Year-Old Who Left Runaway Note in 2007 Still Missing

12-Year-Old Who Left Runaway Note in 2007 Still Missing


The FBI, along with local law enforcement, seek assistance in locating the following 12-year-old male who was reported missing in 2007. Jaliek Rainwalker left a note for his adoptive parents sharing his regret for causing them trouble before disappearing on November 1, 2007. He has not been seen since.

If you or anyone you know has information about Jaliek Rainwalker, contact the FBI’s Toll-Free Tipline at 1-800-CALL-FBI. You can also contact the nearest American Embassy or Consulate.

Jaliek Rainwalker
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Physical Description of Jaliek Rainwalker

Jaliek was born on August 2, 1995, in Greenwich, New York. He has light brown, curly hair with blonde highlights and green eyes. He is a biracial (black and white) male that stands 5’6″ and weighs 105 lbs.

When last seen, Jeliek’s hair was styled in a two-inch afro. He suffers from a speech impediment that causes him to pronounce the letter “r” like a “w.” He also goes by the nickname “Jay” and has several moles on his back.

Details of Jaliek’s Disappearance

Jaliek was last seen on November 1, 2007, at his home in the 10th block of Hill Street in Greenwich, New York on November 1, 2007. He was living with his adoptive parents, although only his father, Stephen Burrell Kerr, was at home at the time of his disappearance.

Around 7:30 the next morning, Kerr found a note left by Jaliek that read, “Dear everybody, I’m sorry for everything. I won’t be a bother anymore. Goodbye, Jaliek.” Kerr reported Jaliek missing at around 9:00 the same morning.

Jaliek’s adoptive parents mentioned that he would often display violent temper tantrums and that their other four children were very afraid of him. Jaliek was exposed to cocaine and alcohol while in the womb and had been diagnosed with reactive attachment disorder.

He was last seen wearing a gray shirt with an image of a dragon on the front along with a yellow fleece pullover, blue jeans, and black high-top shoes.

Skull Found in Hudson River in 2017

Back in February of 20017, a hiker discovered a skull along the Hudson River in Greene County, NY. Examiners were able to get a closer look at the skull and determined that it more than likely belonged to a boy between the ages of 10 and 13.

The lead detective on the case, George Bell had hopes that the skull did, in fact, belong to Jaliek so that the family could finally have some closure. However, he did admit that it was unlikely. “We’re not holding out hope in terms of DNA at this point,” Bell said. “There are so many possibilities.”

Unfortunately, after the chief medical examiner of New York City had some more time with the skull it was determined that it belonged to an adult male ranging between 20 and 50 years old. The initial reports of the skull belonging to a young boy were premature.

If you or anyone you know, has any information on the missing case of Jaliek Rainwalker, please contact the FBI’s Albany field office at (518) 465-7551.