Carlie Beaudin’s Murderer Committed for Mental Health Treatment

Carlie Beaudin’s Murderer Committed for Mental Health Treatment

Carlie Beaudin via Fox6Now

The man who was charged in the murder of Carlie Beaudin has now been found incompetent to proceed in the case against him and has now been committed for mental health treatment as of November 26.  Kenneth Freeman, 28, faces one count of first-degree intentional homicide.

Carlie Beaudin and Kenneth Freeman

Doctor Testifies that Freeman is Incompetent

Freeman was in court on Tuesday for a competency hearing.  The hearing revolved around a November doctor’s report in which the state challenged the findings.  The court found Freeman incompetent to proceed after a doctor’s testimony, but is expected to become competent.

He has been ordered to obtain treatment for mental illness and isn’t allowed to refuse medication.  Freeman has 146 days credit for “recommitment incarceration.”  A new court hearing is scheduled for February 21, 2020, in which he will have a doctor’s report to evaluate his competency.  March 2020 is when his next court trial is scheduled.

Criminal Complaint against Kenneth Freeman

In a criminal complaint against Kenneth Freeman, it states that Carlie Beaudin was found in Parking Structure #1 under her car on January 25. Her body was found by a witness who drove a skid loader to remove snow from the structure, who noticed “a pair of legs” sticking out from under a car that was “parked in a weird way.”

The witness contacted his boss, who then called security.  Beaudin’s body was then transported to an emergency room, where she was declared dead at 4:21am.  Her autopsy revealed that she had suffered blunt force trauma to her neck and head, with ‘indication of manual strangulation.”

Security cameras from the scene show that Beaudin exited the elevators on the second floor of the structure, and Freeman was seen behind a concrete pillar as she walked toward her car.  He then stepped out from behind the pillar, and spoke briefly with Beaudin, who continued trying to walk towards her vehicle.

He eventually knocked her to the ground, and started kicking or stomping her neck and head before dragging her out of the camera’s view.  Freeman called 911 after what he had done, and reported that he was involved in what happened.  When he was found, he had Beaudin’s purse in possession.