Oklahoma Walmart Mass Shooting Claims 3 Lives

A woman and two men were fatally shot in a tragic mass shooting at an Oklahoma Walmart yesterday morning. Among the dead, strangely, is the shooter, who seems to have turned the gun on himself after killing two others outside the Walmart.

What do we Know About the Oklahoma Walmart Shooting?

At the time of this writing, authorities have yet to comment on a motivation for the fatal shooting. The shooter appears to have cornered a man and a woman in their car, shot them both, and then turned the gun on himself after taking the other two lives.

Some authorities claimed that the shooting was an “isolated incident,” explaining that the shooter was never active inside the Walmart store. Authorities believe that nine shots were fired, all from a handgun used by the attacker. The handgun in question is believed to be a “semi-automatic,” though no further details were given.

Walmart Attack Aftermath

On Monday afternoon, two bodies under sheets were visible in the Walmart parking lot. One was behind the steering wheel of a red truck, while the other was prone on the ground of the parking lot beside the truck. Authorities on the scene were investigating the situation, including the supposed relationship between the victims.

Specifically, authorities stated that the three victims all knew one another. What the relationship had been between them has not been announced to the public. Interestingly, the Walmart was not evacuated despite the shooting in the parking lot. However, some speculate that the woman who was killed may have been working for Walmart at the time of her death.

Mass Shootings Becoming a Growing Trend

The attack comes only hours after another mass shooting Fresno left four dead and six wounded during a backyard party. Tragically, this isn’t even the first mass shooting at a Walmart: earlier this year, a deadly mass shooting occurred at an El Paso Walmart when a white nationalist opened fire on a crowd.

The El Paso case, however, was a case of indiscriminate violence where the shooter was aiming to cause as much injury and death as possible. In the case of the Oklahoma shooting, however, it seems the shooter was specifically trying to murder two individuals, not cause maximum loss of life before police arrived.