2 Teens Arrested Over Mass Shooting Threat in Costa Mesa

2 Teens Arrested Over Mass Shooting Threat in Costa Mesa


Two teens have been taken into custody after police uncovered what they believed to be a credible mass shooting threat. On Monday, police were alerted to a pair of social media posts that indicated a high likelihood of a mass shooting threat, and arrested two students in connection to the posts.

What Were the Social Media Posts?

The pair of posts that police were alerted to were distressing, to say the least. The first, posted by 18-year-old Lenny Vega, showed him holding what appeared to be a rifle and threatening that his classmates should avoid school the next day.

Another post flat-out threatened a mass shooting would occur on Thursday.

The would-be shooters, Vega and a 17-year-old classmate who hasn’t been named, were arrested in connection to these posts. The girl attends Estancia High School, where the threat was aimed at, while Vega does not.

The connection of a teenage girl is highly unusual: nearly all school shootings are perpetrated by male criminals.

Teens Arrested, Weapon Seized

The rifle seen in Vega’s post was seized by police. Ironically, it was a BB gun, not an actual firearm. However, the threat was credible enough to be cause for alarm, and Vega still broke the law by even threatening violence.

Both teens’ homes were raided by police and no further weapons were found. Thankfully, following their arrests, there seemed to be no further credible threat to the school. It’s refreshing to hear that preemptive action was taken to stop a shooting before it took place.

School Shootings Remain American Shame

Mass shootings, particularly school shootings, remain a uniquely American shame. A combination of lax gun laws, online radicalization of disaffected boys and a culture of hyperviolence all mix to make America a hotbed for shooting activity.

Just earlier in November, a student in Santa Clarita killed two of his classmates and wounded three more before taking his own life.

While the issue is often reduced to a partisan debate regarding gun laws and mental health issues, children continue to die in the mass shootings.

No matter what course of action is taken to counter the national issue, a course needs to be decided on and pursued in order to save lives.