Before Being Murdered, Man’s Wife Searched Online for This

Before Being Murdered, Man’s Wife Searched Online for This

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A woman went online to search for advice before being murdered by her husband. Jennifer Rothwell, 28, was reported missing by her husband on November 12. In a 911 phone call, the man stated that his wife’s coworkers hadn’t seen her that day, and he was concerned for her safety.

However, St. Louis police quickly ascertained that Beau Rockwell, her husband, was their primary suspect in Jennifer’s murder and made their arrest quickly.

What did Jennifer Search for Advice on?

Tragically, one of the last searches that Rothwell made on her computer before being murdered was “what to do if your husband is upset you are pregnant”. Investigators discovered this, as well as evidence that Beau Rothwell had recently purchased numerous cleaning products and obtained a warrant to search Beau’s house.

Following a cursory investigation, the police discovered empty containers of cleaning products in the trashcan that were consistent with the ones Beau was seen purchasing on November 11. They also discovered traces of blood inside the home that DNA testing confirmed belonged to Jennifer Rothwell.

Most damning of all: police found evidence of recent violence in the home, leading them to arrest Beau and charge him with the murder of his wife. Due to his attempts at disposing of his wife’s body and using cleaning products to hide evidence of the crime, he’s also been charged with evidence tampering.

Why did Beau Rothwell Allegedly Kill His Wife?

From what investigators can gather, Rothwell seems to have been angered by Jennifer’s pregnancy. This, of course, is corroborated by her final online search. At the time of her death, she was six weeks pregnant.

It’s unclear if Beau was angry simply because his wife was pregnant, or if the pregnancy was the catalyst for other issues that set the alleged murder off. Police are still investigating in order to better grasp the motive.

Following his arrest, Rothwell was able to point investigators in the right direction to find Jennifer’s remains. Following Beau’s instructions, they found Jennifer’s body in the outskirts of a remote area of Troy, Missouri. Her remains were roughly 45 miles north of their St. Louis home.