Couple Accused of Weeklong Crime Spree Apprehended in Missouri

Couple Accused of Weeklong Crime Spree Apprehended in Missouri

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

A man and woman who have been accused of a crime spree spanning a week and multiple states have been apprehended in Missouri.

Brady Witcher, 41, and Brittany McMillan, 28, were arrested by police in Hazelwood, Missouri on warrants for kidnapping and capital murder. The pair were also wanted in Tennessee on charges including theft and kidnapping.

Weeklong Crime Spree

Witcher and McMillan are accused of numerous crimes, including the murder of Kellie Ann Hughes, who was found in a remote, wooded area of Birmingham last week.

Hughes was likely killed on December 13, and police suspect that surveillance footage of Witcher and McMillan shoplifting in a Tennessee Walmart on December 14 shows they were in the area when she was killed.

When an employee confronted the couple about the shoplifting, Witcher pulled a gun from his waistband, threatened him, and then the two fled in a stolen car.

While police attempted to pursue and stop the couple, their escape attempts were so reckless and haphazard that police called off the chase out of fear for public safety.

The Chaos Continues

Witcher and McMillan later ditched the stolen vehicle in the woods, chased a woman and shot her in the leg. She was taken to the hospital for her injuries.

Later, the two stole a pickup truck, stabbing its owner in the process, before breaking into an apartment in Clarksville. The couple in the apartment at the time were tied up and put into two separate closets.

Later, when McMillan and Witcher took them out of those closets, the couple fought back, wrestling away McMillan’s gun while the husband was stabbed by Witcher.

While the abducted couple was able to escape and contact the authorities, Witcher and McMillan stole their car and fled the scene.

Police End the Crime Spree

Finally, police managed to locate the couple in Hazelwood, Missouri, apprehending them and putting a stop to their state-hopping crime spree.

Police Deputy Commander Brian Koberna stated that McMillan and Witcher “are connected to a substantial crime spree that’s been going on for some time and includes a whole host of activities,” which could even include a triple homicide that took place in Bethalto, Illinois.