Footprints Lead Police to Burglar in Bizarre Crime Spree

Footprints Lead Police to Burglar in Bizarre Crime Spree


A serial burglar has been arrested following police tracing him via footprints he left at a crime scene. The burglar, Jimarvin Lackey-Berg, a resident of Tulsa, Oklahoma, burglarized multiple homes in Tulsa before being apprehended by police.

Jimarvin Lackey Berg mugshot
Tulsa County Jail

Serial Burglar in Tulsa

Police have confirmed that Lackey-Berg committed multiple burglaries in Tulsa before being caught. He even attempted to burglarize one home twice: a security camera put up after his first time breaking into the home caught him attempting to do so again, though details like his facial features couldn’t be seen.

During his burglaries, Lackey-Berg stole multiple valuables from the homes he entered. He also stole identifying documents that could be used to falsify someone’s identity, likely for the purposes of credit fraud or identity theft. Though he was caught on camera at one home, it wouldn’t be until after he left a fateful boot print on a door that police were able to track him.

The Tell-Tale Boot

During one of the break-ins, Lackey-Berg allegedly kicked in the back door to a home. This, in turn, left a clear boot-print on the door’s frame, which police were able to use to track the burglar down. After receiving a search warrant for Lackey-Berg’s home, they were able to match the boot-print from the door to one of his shoes.

This, combined with the presence of several of the stolen items in his home, led to his arrest in connection with the burglaries. However, Lackey-Berg insists that all isn’t as it seems: he claims he was paid to commit the burglaries, and that someone else is responsible for the break-ins.

The Plot Thickens

According to Lackey-Berg, he planned to call Crime Stoppers after the break-ins to report the person who had been paying him to commit the burglaries. Police haven’t been able to corroborate this story, though Lackey-Berg insists that he wasn’t acting alone, and had direction from an outside source.

Given the unusual nature of the break-ins, and the particular items that were stolen, it’s definitely possible that organized crime could have played a roll. For now, Lackey-Berg is in Tulsa County Jail awaiting trial.