Four Shot Outside San Antonio Mall; Suspect at Large

Four Shot Outside San Antonio Mall; Suspect at Large


Four people were shot outside of the San Antonio Mall on Wednesday night while standing near the entrance. Police responded to calls of gunshots ringing out around 9 PM on Wednesday night, finding four gunshot victims who were rushed to the hospital.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus offered a statement regarding the incident.

“The shooting happened in a breezeway outside the mall,” McManus stated on Thursday following the attack. “The four people were together when they were shot. The victims were three males, ages 17, 26, and 41, and a female, age 19 or 20. Their injuries include shots to the abdomen and foot.”

Gunshot Victims Rushed to Hospital

Thankfully, none of the gunshot victims were killed; all four are still alive an in medical care. Three are in stable condition, but one is in critical condition following a gunshot to the abdomen. Shots to the intestines, stomach and kidneys can be very dangerous, and medical attention is required to save someone with such injuries.

While medical personnel see to the victims, police continue to search for clues that will help them bring the attackers to justice. According to San Antonio police, they are looking for five individuals in connection with the shooting.

Suspects Remain at Large

According to police, witnesses at the scene say that the assailants drove up in a black Dodge Charger, and three of them opened fire out of the windows of the vehicle. According to witnesses, a “large number” of shots were fired, but thankfully, none of them struck the victims in such a way that could kill them.

Following the gunshots, the driver of the Charger sped away from the scene. Police have stated that they are seeking five individuals in connection with the shooting attack, though it’s unclear what the fifth person, who was neither driving nor shooting, was doing at the time of the attack.

At the time of this writing, there is no stated motive in the seemingly random act of violence. Police have not yet made any arrests, and the suspects in this crime remain at large.