Man Carves His Name into Girlfriend’s Forehead after Assault

Man Carves His Name into Girlfriend’s Forehead after Assault

Bexar County Sheriff's Office

A brutal and shocking assault on a young woman by her boyfriend shocked San Antonio over the weekend. Catalina Mireles, 22, from San Antonio, had been dating Jackub Jackson Hildreth, 19, for about three weeks.

They had met on Facebook, but apparently an argument about their relationship escalated to a horrifying assault shortly after the two started dating.

Hildreth Flies off the Handle

Catalina Mireles photographed with a severely swollen face and numerous bruises from the assault

Catalina states that she was having a discussion about the relationship with Hildreth when he suddenly lost his temper and began assaulting her. The 19-year-old allegedly grabbed her neck and began punching her, hitting her at least ten times. Sources indicate that the assault was severe enough that Catalina’s jaw was broken in no less than three places.

However, simply pummeling his girlfriend wasn’t enough for Hildreth, according to authorities. Following this savage assault, the man is alleged to have pinned Catalina down and used a knife to carve his name into her forehead. This deranged act of violence has left the young woman with vicious scars along her forehead.

Jackub Hildreth Has a Criminal Background

The assault is tragic, however, given Hildreth’s long criminal background, it’s part of a pattern for him. He has been previously wanted for arrest for both family assault and burglary assault. Catalina’s mother, Juanita Lopez, stated that she was just relieved that her daughter was alive. “She was scared for her life, he tried to kill her,” she told reporters.

Catalina could barely talk, her face was so badly swollen and her jaw so badly broken. During the interview, she can be seen trying to stay still and recover from her injuries. Juanita continues, “I don’t want him to get out again because he’s going to hurt someone else. She’s my baby, I didn’t expect this to happen.”

Catalina somberly adds “Don’t trust anybody you think you might know.”

Hildreth’s Criminal Charges

Following his assault on Catalina, Hildreth fled the scene. It’s unclear what caused him to stop his assault, but police were able to track him down later in the day and arrest him on charges of including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Catalina told interviewers she’s just relieved to be alive.