Stripper Facing Life in Prison for Decapitating Boyfriend’s Son After Sex

Stripper Facing Life in Prison for Decapitating Boyfriend’s Son After Sex

West Virginia Regional Jail

A Virginia woman, Roena Cheryl Mills, 45, has been sentenced to life in prison following the killing of 29-year-old Bo White in 2018. Mills was found exiting the woods near Bo’s house, agitated and complaining of needing to “get back to my heads,” before being arrested.

A full investigation uncovered Bo’s headless corpse, and text messages from his cell phone revealed his relationship with Mills. Reader, be forewarned: This story gets dark.

How Did the Murderer Know the Victim?

Mills first met Bo through his father, Jimmy White. White and Mills met back in 1995 at a strip club where Mills worked. She had a sexual relationship with Jimmy, who has been described as a “junkie” and a “terrible person” by prosecutors.

According to prosecutors, Jimmy White’s son, Bo, was a “sickly, introverted” young man, who lived alone and had no job. His only income came from disability checks. He allegedly “still played with Star Wars” action figures and was emotionally more of a child than an adult.

Why Did She Kill Him?

It is reported that Roena Mills and Bo White had a sexual relationship. Prosecutors allege that Mills likely traded sexual favors with Bo in exchange for his prescription pills to feed her drug habit. The prosecution established that both Mills and Jimmy White were drug addicts, and this informed many of their actions.

It’s unclear what motive Mills would have had in killing Bo. The forensic evidence was unclear. However, some have suggested that Jimmy White may be responsible for his son’s death. Defense attorney Sid Bell stated “Our theory is that Jimmy White was jealous of her relationship with Bo…and Jimmy White is a terrible person,” alleging that Roena Mills had no motive in killing the young man.

However, it didn’t take the jury long to return a guilty verdict for Mills. She was sentenced to life behind bars, “without mercy,” which means she has no chance of parole.

Bo White would have turned 30 this year.