Suspect with ‘Crime Pays’ Tattoo Remains at Large

Police are searching for a man who has the words “Crime Pays” tattooed across his forehead. Donald Murray, easily identifiable by his absolutely ridiculous face tattoo, is wanted in connection with a high-speed chase he led police on Friday night.

His offense? Driving with no headlights at night.

Donald Murray Evades Police Capture

Police attempted to pull Murray’s vehicle over on Friday night after a patrol car noticed that he had no lights on his vehicle. However, upon attempting to pull Murray over (likely to only issue a warning and ask him to turn his lights on), the face-tattooed 38-year-old floored it and led police on a high-speed chase.

The chase, which flew threw Terre Haute, Indiana, ended suddenly when Murray slammed his car into a tree. However, the intrepid criminal was in no mood to be apprehended, and escaped on foot, evading police capture. A passenger left in the vehicle told police he didn’t know the driver’s name.

He remains at large, and police are currently seeking any information that could lead to his arrest.

Committing Crimes, Evading Time

Donald Murray is now facing charges of criminal recklessness and resisting law enforcement, both of which have been elevated to felony charges. It’s suspected that Murray is currently laying low, due to his notable forehead tattoo and the very high profile of his recent car chase. As such, if he’s wise, it’s unlikely he’ll resurface anywhere near Indiana any time soon.

It’s unlikely that Murray is that wise, however, given his short-sighted choice of tattoos. If you have any information regarding Murray’s whereabouts, you’re encouraged to call 812-232-1311 to tip off the police.

Does Crime Really Pay?

People on social media have been thoroughly mocking Murray’s unusual tattoo. “Only a guy with ‘crime pays’ tattooed on his forehead would get into a high-speed chase over his headlights,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Do people seriously not realize that tattoos are on your forever?” wrote another. “This guy takes home the award for ‘most ironic face tattoo’ the minute he goes to jail,” read another tweet. Well, crime might not pay, but at least Murray’s tattoo pays off with some laughs online.