Woman and Two Children Fall from Parking Garage on Christmas Day

An adult woman and two young children were found unconscious and in critical condition on the pavement near the Renaissance Parking Garage in Boston, Mass. on Christmas Day.

The three were rushed to a nearby hospital, but they were all pronounced “non-viable,” indicating that their conditions were far too severe for them to be helped by doctors.

At the time of this writing, it’s unclear whether foul play was to blame for their fall, or if the incident was some kind of horrible, freak accident. Police have launched a death investigation to determine what transpired, with much attention centering on a vehicle in the parking garage they fell from.

An Accident, or Foul Play?

According to officers on the scene, the investigation was particularly taxing due to the young age of two of the victims, and their deaths being on Christmas Day. Due to the distance from which they must have fallen and the hospital stating their condition was “non-viable,” one can only imagine how rough the scene must have been.

Aerial footage of the scene showed investigators centering attention on a vehicle on the top floor of the parking garage, which was partially obscured by a low wall blocking cars from the side of the building.

Crime scene tape could be seen wrapped around the vehicle as investigators looked within to find any clues as to what caused the three victims to fall.

Police Are Investigating

When asked if the victims could have all simply jumped to their demise below, Boston Police Commissioner William Gross stated, “I have no way of knowing that, and we definitely won’t jump to conclusions or try to speculate.”

Commissioner Gross also explained to reporters that Boston police have scant details about the deaths and are investigating to learn more.

However, further details have emerged suggesting that the woman was the mother of the two children. Police stated their investigation suggested she likely jumped from the building after her children both fell off.

Whether the children fell accidentally or were thrown is unclear, but the police have stated they are investigating the deaths to determine more concrete details.