Woman Charged with Murder After Claiming Children Hanged Themselves

Woman Charged with Murder After Claiming Children Hanged Themselves

Berks County Jail System

A Pennsylvania mother has been charged with murder after her two very young children were found hanged to death in her home.

The woman, Lisa Rachelle Snyder, was found to have searched the internet for information on hanging, on carbon monoxide poisoning, and on ways to evade arrest.

Snyder Claims Her Son Was Suicidal

Snyder claims her eight-year-old son, Connor, had become suicidal following an altercation with a bully at school. This, she claims, is why he and her other son Brinley, who was four, were found hanging in her basement in September.

It’s unclear how, exactly, Snyder would have gotten her children into such a position. Investigators are still seeking her phone, which remains missing. It’s believed Snyder used her phone to order a dog leash that was used in the hanging of her children.

Preliminary investigations hold that Snyder picked the leash up only hours before her children were found hanging.

The 911 Call

When Snyder called 911 to inform them she had found her two youngest children hanging, she alleged that Connor had threatened to do something like this before. According to what Snyder says on the call, Connor was suicidal and had threatened that he “didn’t want to go out alone.”

When police arrived, both children were in cardiac arrest and unconscious.

They were then rushed to the hospital and were revived in the ambulance. On September 26, the children were removed from life support and both passed away. It’s unknown if Snyder was the one who agreed to have them removed from life support.

Snyder Charged With Multiple Crimes

Local police have charged the mother with several crimes. These include first-degree murder, third-degree murder, tampering with evidence and endangering the welfare of children.

Strangely, she’s also accused of animal cruelty and unnatural acts involving dogs, though those charges don’t seem to be related to the deaths of her children.

According to an occupational therapist who worked with Connor, the eight-year-old would have likely been incapable of committing a murder-suicide. For one thing, he couldn’t tie his shoes, let alone operate the clasp on the dog collar that his brother was found hanging from.

As for why Snyder would have allegedly killed her children, investigators are unsure of her motives.