Bomb in Van Could Have Killed People 5 Football Fields Away

Bomb in Van Could Have Killed People 5 Football Fields Away

NBC New York

  • Three civilians and a detective were killed in a standoff at a Jersey City Kosher Supermarket during a targeted shootout.
  • The two suspects, David Anderson and Francine Graham, were found dead after the shooting happened in the supermarket. Their actions are being considered hate-fueled domestic terror.
  • The bomb that was found inside of their van is said to be so powerful that it could have killed people as far as five football fields away.

Four innocent people are now dead following a domestic terror attack inside of a JC Kosher Supermarket. David Anderson and Francine Graham, the two suspects, were also killed in the shootout.

The head of the local FBI and the U.S. attorney in New Jersey said that a bomb that was found inside of their van could have killed or maimed people up to five football fields away.

Not only that–there was enough material located inside the van to create a second bomb.

Four Innocent People Were Killed During the Standoff

Three of the victims found after the shootout were located inside of the supermarket, while the body of Det. Joseph Seals, a veteran Jersey City police detective, was found at a cemetery.

Officials believe that the detective’s actions ended up saving the lives of many others. U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito said, “We believe he threw off a broader plan,” and that what he did “probably saved dozens if not more lives.”

Authorities say that Seal had gone to meet with a man to talk about the return of a police-impounded vehicle, and had approached the suspect’s van since it was connected with a separate murder from the prior weekend.

It was his death that first brought law officials to the scene of what would become a total bloodbath, leaving the neighborhood locked down and schools with bullet-riddled windows.

Suspects May Have Had a Broader Plan According to Local Law Authorities

Although local law authorities could not detail what the broader plan may have entailed, they did say that Anderson and Graham had recently done research on a Jewish community center in Bayonne.

Preliminary suspicions that the suspects had a bias against law enforcement and Jews were confirmed, and the shooters were found dead after the standoff was over.