Driving Without Car Insurance – Is There Punishment?

There’s always that one driver who gets on the road without car insurance.

Sometimes there aren’t any problems, but other times, there are accidents and blame to be placed.

What happens then?

Punishment and Penalties

Driving without car insurance is illegal in all states. Yet, when it comes down to it, depending on your state, there isn’t much that can happen.

Drivers in the state of Missouri who fail to provide proof of insurance their first time are given a misdemeanor. This misdemeanor can put four points on your license and would get it suspended. Reinstating your license would simply cost a $20 fee.

In the event there was an accident involving a registered car with no insurance, serving jail time is unlikely. There would be, of course, fines, suspension of your license, and the impoundment of your car.

The consequences of driving without car insurance your first time are low, but if you continue to drive without insurance it can result in anywhere between 10 days to 5 years in jail.