Florida Man Breaks Into Home, Tries to Suck Homeowner’s Toes

Florida Man Breaks Into Home, Tries to Suck Homeowner’s Toes


In a surprising story out of Florida, an unidentified burglar broke into a man’s home and tried to suck on the homeowner’s toes. As bizarre as that sounds, police confirmed the story on Wednesday, stating that the traumatized victim, 20, woke in the night to find an intruder sucking on his bare toes.

Intruder Pulls Off Mean Feat of Stealth

Somehow, the intruder managed to sneak into the victim’s home unnoticed and slip into the man’s room. From there, he began to suck on the victim’s toes while he slept, waking him in the process. The traumatized man awoke, shouting and trying to fight his assailant off. The intruder claimed he didn’t want any cash or valuables, but instead just wanted to suck on the victim’s toes.

Unsurprisingly, the homeowner chose to put his foot down and fight his assailant rather than allow him to continue his strange attack. As the two went toe-to-toe, the assailant threatened to pull out a gun, grabbing at his waistband as though he had a firearm tucked away. Thankfully, it appears the assailant was unarmed, and the homeowner was able to defeat him in their brawl.

The assailant, suddenly finding the shoe on the other foot, was driven from the home. In a fit of rage, he shattered the homeowner’s vehicle’s windshield before fleeing the scene on foot. The police were quickly called to address the situation.

Police Search for Assailant, Still at Large

The police arrived shortly after, but were unable to detect the foot-loving bandit. They took DNA samples from the victim’s toes, hoping to match it against the crime database to find their culprit. At present, there have been no similar cases reported in the area, so it seems the culprit isn’t a serial toe sucker.

Should he be found, however, the assailant would likely foot the bill for some serious fines and jail time for his actions. Florida police are still on the lookout for the criminal, and encourage residents of Brandenton, Florida, to lock up their doors at night and stay vigilant in case the man is still lurking in the area.