‘I Got Shot Mama, I Got Hit,’ 9-Year-Old Girl Recovering from Road Rage Shooting in Dallas

‘I Got Shot Mama, I Got Hit,’ 9-Year-Old Girl Recovering from Road Rage Shooting in Dallas

Diamond Dixon via GoFundMe

Dallas, Texas—A police search is now underway for the gunman who opened fire on an SUV that had a mother and young girl inside while driving on Interstate-35 in Dallas, Texas. The shooting happened around 9:30 pm on Sunday.

At least one bullet hit the child, 9-year-old Rubye Rhodes, who was sitting in the back seat of the vehicle.

‘My Child Starting Screaming’

The girl’s mother, Diamond Dixon, was near the Manana Drive exit on I-35E when a speeding driver cut her off and swerved around her. When she reacted by honking her horn, the other driver slammed on his brakes.

“So my thought was to get away from him,” said Dixon. “It was a white male, salt and pepper hair. He had a shorter haircut with a goatee.”

Dixon tried to pull into the other lane to avoid the man, and as she started to pull around his car, he opened fire into her vehicle.

“He looked at me, we made eye contact before, and the next thing I know is pop, pop, pop,” said Dixon. “It’s one of those things you see and hear about in the news, someone being involved in a road rage incident or something like that, but you never really think it will happen to you.”

It was at that moment Dixon heard her daughter scream, “I got shot, Mama, I got hit!”

Her daughter is now in the ICU recovering after a bullet went through her side, damaging her intestines and kidneys. So far she has undergone two surgeries.

Doctors Expect Rubye to Recover

After suffering such a traumatic event, Dixon has been making sure that her daughter feels safe and loved. “I’ve been grabbing her hand, letting her know we’re here and everything.”

Doctors expect the little girl to recover from her injuries. But her mother knows her life will never be the same again.

Diamond holds her daughters bandaged hand
Diamond Dixon via WFAA

“If you see someone driving crazy or erratic, the best thing to do would just be report them immediately,” she said.

The man was driving a newer, white two-door car. Dixon is hopeful that someone will come forward with information to identify him, or that he will turn himself in.

If you’d like to help with Rhodes’ recovery, a GoFundMe account has been set up in her name.