Man Breaks into Georgia Taco Bell to Make a Meal and Have a Nap

Man Breaks into Georgia Taco Bell to Make a Meal and Have a Nap

Atlanta Police

In a surprisingly relatable story out of Georgia, a man has been caught on security camera breaking into an Atlanta-area Taco Bell, making himself a meal, and then laying down for a nap in the back. Police are looking for information on the burglar who has yet to be identified.

Late-Night Snacking

The Atlanta-area man slipped into the closed Taco Bell restaurant through the drive-through window early on Christmas morning. After successfully slipping inside the building, he showed some impressive knowledge of the equipment in the kitchen, turning on the fryers and doing a stellar job of making himself a meal.

Security camera footage shows the man using the equipment well, indicating that he’s likely either worked at a restaurant before or is otherwise an adept cook. He then eats a hardy meal, enjoying the fruits of his surprising culinary skills.

And a Warm Place to Sleep

Following his feast, the man lays down on the floor in the back of the restaurant and finds a spot that’s warm enough to get some sleep. Given how cold it was outside, it’s not surprising that the man wanted somewhere warm to lay his head. However, we’d also get pretty sleepy after having such a large meal from Taco Bell.

After sleeping for around three hours, the man wakes and beats a hasty retreat. That is, after he helps himself to a laptop and a tablet that he makes off with from the back room. The electronics the burglar swindled likely belonged to the restaurant and were used as training and inventory materials, as the store was closed and employees would be unlikely to leave their valuable electronics behind.

Police Seeking Burglar

While the burglar made out like a bandit, scoring a warm meal, a nap, and some flashy new electronics, police are still investigating the matter and looking for the culprit. While there is footage of the man committing the crimes, it’s grainy and hard to make out his exact features. Police are offering a reward for anyone with information about the burglar.