Explosion Leaves 2 Dead in Houston, Texas

Explosion Leaves 2 Dead in Houston, Texas

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A criminal investigation is underway after an explosion early Friday morning in Houston has left a warehouse completely leveled, and two are dead from the blast.

The explosion left several surrounding buildings damaged, and people well over a mile away both heard and felt the blast. Right now, criminal involvement is not suspected, but police are looking closely at the matter.

The Warehouse That Went up in Flames

The explosion itself occurred inside of a building at Watson Grinding and Manufacturing, a company that provides a thermal-spray coating for equipment and makes valves used for a variety of industrial purposes.

This part of the US has the highest concentration of oil refineries in the nation, and is no stranger to explosions – in July, more than a dozen people were injured after an explosion at an ExxonMobil refinery happened just east of Houston.

The building that exploded was completely leveled, with witnesses saying that there was just “rubble” left of it. The surrounding buildings were heavily damaged, and it’s unclear as of now how much structural damage was really done.

Residents Awoken from a Dead Sleep

Twitter was ablaze this morning with residents near the blast area that felt or heard the explosion. Several people shared pictures of shattered windows or items knocked from shelves.

Danny Wilson, 63, was sleeping next to his wife when she woke him up. “She heard a big noise … she said it was some kind of explosion or somebody was trying to get in.”

“I didn’t notice any broken glass and I looked at the back window and it was shattered big time.”

The Explosion Was Intense

One resident caught this incredible footage and shared it on social media, which shows just how massive this explosion really was.

Police say they are not evacuating anyone at this time. Air quality is also fine.

Still, many residents are posting on social media that they are being asked to leave their houses until the integrity of the structure can be confirmed.

The explosion lit up the weather radar, which is highly unusual. Those who saw the radar report initially thought a meteor had made impact with the city.

Two Have Lost Their Lives

No word on the identities of the two that have lost their lives yet, but at this time it is believed they were employees of the company.

Police have asked those living in the area to check their neighborhood and yard for any debris, including body parts, that may have traveled during the explosion.